Positive Prayer for Success in Business

This prayer for success in business can be offered at any time in the growth of a business, at the beginning of a new venture, when major changes have to happen in the business, when trouble hits, and when big decisions make it important to ask for God’s help.

God understands how important it is that a business runs well and is successful as this is at the very heart of us making a success of our lives. God hates idleness and he wants us to make good and to provide for our families now and in the future.

There are many parables in the bible that talk about investment and business and wise decisions and thus this prayer relies on much of the bible’s teachings and understanding that God wants us to be successful and do well in business.

We offer this prayer for success in business, knowing that God wants us to succeed and is there to support us by letting the business bring us fulfillment and comfort, financially and otherwise.

Let us pray.

Prayer to Attract Success in Business

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Lord this is a prayer offered for success in business as I know that you want me to succeed and do well. You tell us in Proverbs that a slack hand causes poverty, but a diligent hand makes us rich.

Lord, I am prepared to hear your word and work hard in the business to bring me wealth and success so that I can provide for those that depend on me. Please bless this business and make my dreams a reality.

We know Lord that the devil finds work for idle hands and this business takes all my focus and keeps me away from any temptation away and on the path of the Lord. Making this business a success means more to me than anything.

Lord God, I need this business to be successful as it is the way I will be able to make my way in the world to find respect and to increase my riches. I am asking you to listen to this prayer and understand how much I need this to happen.

I trust with all my heart that you will hear this prayer for success in this business and that this means that I am comfortable and secure as a result.

I am happy to praise you for your support Lord for all your wisdom and judgment and you know how to support me to make this work.

I know Lord that you will help me make all the right decisions at all stages of the business, that you will be there by my side when I make any important decision that affects the success of the business.

Help me to always see clearly what needs to be done, to make the right decisions and take the right actions.

Help me find customers who are satisfied with the business so that we grow exponentially.

Help me to grow the business so that it honors you. I want to build up a strong business so that I can meet all my needs and become secure as you wish us to be Lord. I know you will support me through any struggles and hard times.

Lord God, give me the strength and the wisdom to be successful and surround me with sound advisors and support. I want to hear about the right ways in which I can take the business and not be easily led in shortcuts and misdemeanors that lead to ruin.

Bring me good people with strong judgment and knowledge so that I learn from them and am successful quicker.

Help me to be humble enough to listen to my elders and those that seek to guide me in business, bring me good people to work with to become successful.

I want to be confident in my success and to make all the right choices as time passes with the business. This will be easier with you firmly by my side as you have the wisdom to share and the fortitude to get through hard times. Share your wisdom with me and help me make all the right decisions and help me weather any storms that come my way.

Saying this prayer for success in business is the way I will start my mornings until I am confident that my prayers have been heard. This helps me feel like I am stepping into this new phase, this venture with you by my side. This will make me and my business stronger.

Just as you surround yourself with 12 disciples to spread your word and carry your load, help me find the faithful and those who believe in the business to stand by my side. I will need people not just advising me, but people to spread the word about the business to work alongside me as champions.

I know that taking my time to make the right decisions will pay off in the long term. As your word tells us ‘everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty‘. Help me to remember these words in business, to both strike while the iron is hot, and to make decisions that are well-considered. Less haste, more speed towards success.

This business is the most important thing in my life right now. Help me to keep focused on doing the right things that lead me to success. At the same time, I want to remember to thank you for all your help in my life, for the start of this business and for the possibility of success and comfort.

You have given me the talents to bring this to life and I do not want to squander them, I do not want to be a busy fool so help me decide quickly when I am throwing seed on stony ground and to work to change that and to make all the right preparations so the business is successful.

When people work for me, help me give them the respect they deserve and help me to remember to treat them well so they work hard for me and remain loyal in my employment.

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Remind them, as you remind all of us that sloth will take us to poverty and that we owe an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. May they walk in your footsteps Lord, following your word so that we can all offer an honest @days toil for fair reward.

I want to operate a successful business that honors you Lord and allows everyone who is associated with the business to be successful and comfortable so we are stress-free.

Lord, I pray that the business has longevity, that it grows from strength to strength and brings with it prosperity for me and all those who work in it. I want the reputation of the business to be strong and solid so that we build good foundations and stronger years.

It is in this way through good work that we succeed and become successful and continue to grow and shine as a business.

Lord, you can hear my love and enthusiasm for the business through this prayer. Help me make all this ambition a reality through a mix of honesty, hard work and the ability to make the right business decisions at all the important moments.

If this business can weather the storms, carrying through world events, and changing markets then please let me still be at the helm guiding it forward towards success.

Bring together all those who help guide me and those who work for me and alongside me and help us all row towards the same shore with success in our hearts.

You are all-powerful and all-wise, guide me now at this very important time in my life, help me to make a success of this venture and help me to stay true to the _aims of the business and to you.

Remind me to thank you for your blessing and your support as the business grows Lord, never let me lose sight of my love for you as I grow in success and business over the years.

Bring me to the successful place I need to be to support me and my family in the future.

Lord hear my fervent prayer.


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Scripture for Success in Business

Scripture for Success in Business

“It is well with the man who deals generously and lends; who conducts his affairs with justice”

Psalm 112:5

This is a wonderful reminder from psalms that the way we conduct our affairs and business matters, having achieved success, remember that it is important that you follow the word of the Lord in business as well as at home. It will be better for the business in the long term, so treat staff and customers with decency and honesty and it will pay off in business.

“The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty”.

Proverbs 21:5

As we said in the prayer, taking time to make the right decisions will lead to success and abundance, step back and look at what you are trying to achieve and question every decision twice with this in mind, act with speed but not hastily for that way lies loss.

“You shall remember the Lord your God, for it is he who gives you the power to get wealth, that he may confirm his covenant that he swore to your fathers, as it is this day” Deuteronomy 8:18

Always stop and be thankful for the success that you achieve because it is in part by the intercession of the Lord that you accrue that success. Always remember to praise him and thank him and give him some credit for holding your hand and guiding you towards success.

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