7 Powerful Prayers to Destroy Your Enemies

These powerful prayers to destroy your enemies ask the Lord to intervene with those who seek to harm you.

Even a righteous person may need to turn to the Lord when it comes to asking for assistance to deliver them from those who seek to hurt them.

Though it may not be thought of as a typical Christian practice, there are tons of examples of this throughout Christianity’s history. In the Old Testament, it was quite a common practice.

Let us pray.


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Prayer To Smite Your Enemies

Lord God, the Agents of those who have rejected you and your teachings have irreparably harmed my family and me. With a heavy heart, I come to you seeking final retribution against my enemies.

In all your fatherly protection, please see your way to laying wrath down upon those who seek to continue harming us and wrap us in your protection.

We ask only that you do unto others as they have done themselves, showing them the evilness of their acts and exalting those who have never strayed from your path.


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Praying for Protection Against Those Seeking to Hurt You

Heavenly Father, Today we come to you humbly, our hearts laid out before you. There are those that would seek to harm and destroy us, your faithful followers, and children.

As we progress in our dealings with our enemies, we ask that you, in all your love and light, grant us protection against those who seek to hurt us by their actions. Cast back upon them any evils they would do unto us, and keep us in your heart as you always will be held in ours.

Let them not deter us at all from the righteous path set forth for us by you, the Creator, in your infinite wisdom. Guide us and protect us always as you shield us from those seeking harm.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Bible Verse to Destroy Your Enemies

Praying for Vengence

Lord Father, Hear our prayer. We have come to you, the Holy Trinity, to seek out the most basic requests. As those who are against us continue to attack, let us have the strength to withstand it. Let us have the mental fortitude and emotional stability only those who have learned at your feet may have as we battle against the evil of the world and continue to rebuff Satan and his agents.

We know that vengeance is not a step to enter into lightly, God, so we ask for your assistance in this matter. Your teachings have shown us that there are times when vengeance is the only way, and sadly Lord, this is one of those times.

We ask you to show us the best way to seek vengeance, to show those against us that yours is the way of the light, and attacking those who exalt in you will bring them nothing but trouble and pain.

We pray for vengeance against our enemies as those we learned in the Old Testament, in your image and likeness only Lord. Today we pray to the vengeful and absolute God who smites those who harm others in the name of Satan. Please, Lord, see those who have risen up and harmed us unmasked and as they indeed are. Send back upon them every wrong and injustice they have loosed upon us, your faithful servants. As we lay ourselves bare unto you, see us for what we are – always yours.

Thank you, God, and praise your name.


Bible Verse to Destroy Your Enemies

Praying for Protection Against Enemies Weapons

God, as I continue on my path towards righteousness, I understand there will be others in my course who stand to divert me off of my way.

Please turn any weapons my enemies attempt to wield against me back upon them. Let me know that there is no weapon forged in the name of the evil that can withstand your grace and might. As anyone attempts to harm me with wickedness in their heart, allow them to know their weapon can only disintegrate when up against one of your children.

Hear our prayer, oh Lord, and receive it with the open heart that only you can have.


Praying for Protection Against Enemy Plans

Oh Lord, my God, please protect my family and me against any plans drawn up by enemies that have evil schemes against us. Anyone who may want to draw up an intent to harm us can have no success as their goals are genuinely those of Lucifer. Let anything that Lucifer and his agents plan for me go back against them by seven.

As they come on me, let my enemies retreat even faster and more definitively.

Thank you for hearing my prayer Lord. In Your name, always.

Praying for Saint Michael’s Protection In Battle

God Almighty, Please send down the Angel of Protection, Saint Michael, to watch over me as I prepare to battle against my enemies. I will need the divine protection of you and your most righteous protectors to stand fast in my fight against evil and all snares of the Devil.

Saint Michael, as you watch over me in battle, please do not protect those who battle against me. They are not on the side of the light and good as we are and only fight to protect those who wish harm to anyone who seeks to grow our community in God. Thank you for your steadfastness in battle and your wisdom in ways to withstand any attack on me and my brothers and sisters in Christ.

As it was in the beginning, let it be now and always – with the Mightiest lifted to the light and joy at the side of our father.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Praying for Wrath Upon Enemies

Oh Lord in Heaven, I pray that as those shower anger and wrath against us, you repay them in kind. Allow whatever evil wishes they offer to others to come back upon them always.

In Your Name.

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Prayer for protection from enemies weapons

Bible Verses to Destroy Your Enemies

But these enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, bring them here and slay them in my presence.

Luke 19:27

The meaning of this Bible verse is that we are allowed to destroy our enemies. We should not be afraid to fight against those who oppose us, because God will help us to win when we are right and just.

Your hand will be lifted up against your adversaries, and all your enemies will be cut off.

Micah 5:9

This Bible verse is a reminder that God is on our side and will stand with you against your enemies and any obstacles in your way. We can trust in Him to help us overcome any obstacle and grant us the strength to overcome enemies and their schemes.

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