Prayer Before Exam for Success

Saying a prayer before an exam is all about asking God for help at a stressful time, and we all know God has encouraged us to come to him for help in our time of need. Exams are important as they lead us forward in our lives, they test us and the results matter for decisions are taken about us on the basis of success or failure in our exams.

This prayer can be offered for all those taking exams that are important to them.

Let us pray.

This is a single, longer prayer for use before an exam. If you’d like a shorter prayer instead (or a range of different prayers) we also have a collection of prayers for exam success.

Prayer for Before an Exam

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Dear Lord this prayer before an exam is offered in the sure and certain knowledge that you will help.

Exams are nerve-wracking, it is difficult to keep calm and do your best in such a short space of time and so important to get right and show your best in that time.

Lord, I know you want me to do well and to be successful and you want me to work hard and do my best at all times. In this way, we honor you by sacrificing ourselves.

All of the time I have spent preparing has been a long and hard journey Lord.

All the way through studying there are so many other calls on our time, and so much time spent trying to remember things whilst life is so busy and there are so many things to do.

It is a hard journey to get to this point and I feel at such risk right now. What if everything goes wrong, if my mind goes blank and I forget everything or get confused. I feel afraid I am going to fail.

It does not help to get stressed and know that but it is incredibly difficult to stay calm when so much depends on this very short time and my ability to think clearly when all I can do is worry and panic.

I know Lord that you have a large flock to attend to and many people need you right now for serious help in their lives. I know that this might seem like a very small thing and that I am worrying over nothing. Lord you know I would only ask you to pay attention to me and help me when I really need it.

Prayer Before an Exam for SuccessThis is such an incredibly hard thing for me to do and I am so afraid of messing up and failing this exam. I am offering this prayer before the exam in the hope you will give me the strength to get through it without panicking and failing because I cannot cope with the pressure.

Failure is a very real fear for me Lord and I need you by my side as I sit this exam. It will keep me calm to know you are there for me and I just have to close my eyes and find you with me.

Help me too to remember everything I have been taught and all that I have studied. It is important that I can order my thoughts and answer every question clearly.

I know Lord that you do not value or respect sloth and I have not been lazy in my preparations, but I do not feel fully ready and confident in my abilities to pass and to do well. This nervousness can really affect how I do and the pressure doesn’t help me perform well.

Give me the confidence as I walk into the exam to stay calm and focused and to remember all the support I have been given to get this far. Help me to understand that whilst I feel everything is riding on the outcome, you will always look after me, Lord.

I trust in you Lord God Almighty, I trust that you will be by my side during all of this and will keep me centered and on point. I need to stay alert and clear thinking and I know with your help that is how I will feel.

Can I also ask favor from Saint Joseph Cupertino at this time? I know that when he took an exam to become a priest he asked God beforehand for the examiner to ask him the only proposition he knew well and that happened for him. He was not expected to pass the entrance exam but he did.

I would ask that Saint Joseph Cupertino share that faith in God that the same luck will befall me and I will be favored with the same grace. Let me also put my full faith in you Lord so that I can answer what I am asked well.

Saint Joseph Cupertino, you know which parts of this exam would be easier for me, I accept that I have to be prepared for anything I am asked, but I pray on this occasion that I am asked those areas that I am much stronger in answering.

Saint Joseph Cupertino went on to become a wonderful priest and finally was made a saint. He brought honor to your name and your word by doing what he wanted to do and doing it well. This is what I want in my life Lord, I will honor you by being successful and carry out good work in your name.

I fully understand that this challenge is for me to bear but I ask in this prayer before my exam that I may have a little of the same luck as was afforded to Saint Joseph Cupertino. I have prepared as much as possible but there are areas I am unsure of and I am hoping the right questions come up for me to allow me to show what I do know well.

When I pass this exam I will work hard and do well and show you as Saint Joseph Cupertino showed you, that this is the right path for me and though I may not be gifted and confident in every way, I am prepared to make a good effort and do well.

After becoming a priest bypassing his exam Joseph was exemplary and was called the flying monk because of his ability to alleviate and perform many miracles. He honored your grace Lord repaying your favor in helping him pass the exam many times over.

Help me find a path through life that serves you well Lord. I know you want me to be happy and content and successful. This exam is part of the path, if it is your will to help me, bring me peace in my mind and singular focus at this time.

When I am successful and have passed I will feel easier in myself and will thank you for your favor and your wisdom.

You Lord God are the only one who can help me right now, you can bring me peace of mind and help me to do well in the exam. I have full faith that if you walk this path with me I will be able to show the best of me and pass with flying colors.

Praise be the Lord Jesus Christ, bring your saints and angels with you into the room with me and bring that calmness and that focus only you can bestow upon me.

As I walk into this exam I will repeat my favorite bible verse in times of stress ‘ the Lord is my helper I will not be afraid’ this total sense of faith that you are there with me will be the single thing that gets me through this exam.

I give you praise Lord for your love and care, you never abandon me, you are ever-present helping me through every challenge in life. I know I only have to ask and that you will be there for me. You are an inexhaustible source of love and hope in my life.

Come with me now Lord and guide me through this exam. This prayer before my exam is the right thing to do to both remind myself of your presence and love and to bring your love into my mind and body so that I am filled with love and calmness.

Thank you for your presence in my life Lord.


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Scripture to for Before an Exam

Bible Verse Before Exam

“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” Deuteronomy 31:6

This is a great bible verse to remember at a time of great stress, such a simple statement, he will never leave or forsake you. This is very grounding to remember at a time of such high stress that it can feel terrifying and you can fail simply because you fear failure so much. Breathing in calmness with the knowledge that God is right by your side at this moment takes all that fear away and lets you do the best you can.

“Have no fear of sudden disaster or of the ruin that overtakes the wicked,for the Lord will be at your side and will keep your foot from being snared.” Proverbs 3:25-26

Once again proverbs come to our rescue in every situation. God understands fear and suffering and offers to lend you comfort in a time of need. Only those who face exams know the inner terror they can bring and how much help we need through them. This offer of support from God to be there for you is almost constant in the bible. We just have to accept this and let it into our hearts.

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