Prayer for Healing Eyes

This prayer for healing eyes is a natural prayer we send to God when we need to think about healing eyesight problems.

We send this prayer when it is most needed in the sure and certain knowledge that you are there for us.

Let us pray.

Prayer to Heal Your Eyes

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Dear Jesus

Bartimaeus was cured of his blindness because he had such a strong faith and he called for your help. All of the gospels speak of this miracle you performed because he called upon you to help him.

He called on you to help him and you knew that his belief in you was so strong that you healed him and said “Receive your sight; your faith has healed you,”

This served as a lesson to all-around far and wide of the power of your healing and of the power of faith.

Lord God my faith in you is absolute and I call upon you as Bartimaeus did ‘Son of David ‘Son of David’ I call your name to receive your attention and your love.

Eyesight Healing PrayerGive me strength in this time and help me to bear this. Bring me healing as I know you can as you healed others in your time on earth.

My faith in you is unshakeable Lord. Whatever you choose that I bear, give me the strength and fortitude to do so. You sent your only son to the earth and he underwent unbearable suffering and was finally crucified and killed. He rose again to be by your side and we know that he sacrificed his life for us as sinners.

This suffering he bore because of love for you and the whole of mankind. This suffering you gave him because of your unbearable pain in watching us in our sin is lost without you.

I understand that we all have a cross to bear to some extent, we all have suffering and pain in our lives and part of the burden of love is to bear our suffering.

You tell us that you will not give us more than we can bear. Help me to bear all that you have given me and to bear it with grace and fortitude.

This prayer for healing eyes is sent to you Lord God because I know that you have the healing power to cure.

I know Lord that you have so many looking for your attention and there are so many worse than me that deserve your help. I am asking you to help with the healing of eyes because I believe so much in your power and your sense of right and justice.

I am asking for this because it is such an important thing it is so fundamental to quality of life. I know that whilst on earth your son Jesus cured those who were blind and he cured lepers.

Jesus helped people no matter what their circumstances he cured the beggar Bartimeus he helped anyone who believed in him.

Let me tell you God that I completely and utterly believe in you and trust your judgment implicitly. I know that you want the best for me and that you are always there to help me through life.

I can see clearly the light of Christ in my life, I offer this prayer for healing eyes for physical healing, knowing that this is the hands of Jesus in whom I place all my trust.

Lord you heal the sick, rich and poor alike, you offer us hope in our hour of need, you offer respite and care. The power of faith has been shown over and over again. Only those who truly believe in you will find sanctuary with you, Lord.

I am asking you for healing in the knowledge that this is within your gift to offer. I also accept that you give us all that we can bear and you support us through our troubles.

You are always there for me Lord when I truly seek you, you are always waiting with your arms outstretched to receive my prayer.

I beseech you to hear me know and allow your heart to melt towards me and hear this prayer for healing eyes. It is the most important thing I can ask for and I pray with all my heart and soul that you hear this prayer and offer your solace and your healing hands.

I know that you are all about love Lord, you came amongst us and healed as many as you could touch, you taught us how to heal our spirits and you left it with your disciples and the holy men to bring us to understand your word.

I accept your love lord, I accept you fully into my heart. I accept all the decisions you make for me and I accept any burdens you give me to carry.

I would ask that you hear my plea for healing eyes, such an important thing for me and the biggest grace that you could bestow upon me. To see the world clearly without hindrance to be able to appreciate the beauty you have created around us.

With eyes that see fully and without problems I can help others less fortunate than me. I can make my way in the world unaided and follow your path more clearly. I know that you can hear my prayer Lord and that you understand what is so important to me.

You are everything to me, Lord, you are the only one who can reach out and touch me and I will be healed. You are the one true God with the power to heal and bring health to all those you touch.

I have faith in you completely. I know you have the love in your heart enough to carry all of us. I want to see your word and know you Lord so that I can do your bidding to the best of my ability.

I want to praise you and tell everyone about your miracles on earth. I want to be able to tell the world that faith is really all we need. All we need is belief in you and we will all follow your path.

Help me to see everything clearly Lord help me to find a way forward in life with healed eyes and a heart full of your love.

I know that you can bring this into my life and I trust that you will Lord.

I pray for your mercy and your healing.


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Scripture for Healing Eyes

“Again Jesus spoke to them, saying, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8;2

This is all about the faith expected from us, that we simply walk in the path of the Lord and he will lead us to salvation. We have nothing else to do, no other decisions to make, we simply accept that God is the light of the world and we should follow.

“The Lord opens the eyes of the blind. The Lord lifts up those who are bowed down; the Lord loves the righteous” Psalm 146:8

The power of the Lord is awesome and endless. All he asks of us is our faith and our righteousness.


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