Divine Prayer for Immediate Financial Blessing

This prayer for an immediate financial blessing is one often asked when the situation is dire. We can ask for this blessing for urgent and pressing needs that ask our Father to watch over our needs and make life easier for us.

God provides the things we need and doesn’t want to see us suffer in toil.

Let us pray.

Prayer for Financial Blessing

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This is a fairly long prayer that was shared with our YouTube congregation. If you would like shorter (and easier to use) ones we have financial prayers and prayers for financial help and stabilityBoth are shorter if that’s what you would prefer.

Dear Lord, I send this prayer for immediate financial blessing in the hope that you hear my prayer and understand the urgency of this special request.

You ask us to turn to you in our hour of need and you will listen and help us.

I know that you are all goodness and wisdom Lord and you can see what a difference a financial blessing would have on my life right now. I am in urgent need of your support and grace in these tough times.

The single thing that would make a difference to my life right now is a financial blessing. I have a real and urgent need to have some help financially. I am in some trouble and a short-term fix is so necessary.

I know Lord that you are always there for me in times of trouble you have helped me so often in my life.

I thank you for everything you have ever done for me, Lord. There may be times when I have failed to thank you in the past, Lord when you have helped me and I may not have noticed your intervention.

Bible Verse for Financial Help

I thank you now for all that support you have given me and know that I can never repay your goodness and your love.

This is the time when I need you most. I am struggling in every way and I need help and I have nowhere else to turn. You are always there for me when I need you most and I know I can rely on your help and intervention.

You are my bountiful God and I know you want me to be successful and happy in life. There are times when things happen and you know that it is out of my control Lord. These are the darkest of times and the time I need you most dear Jesus.

Please grace me with your kindness and your mercy and help me find a financial blessing now in my life. You are the only one who can help me now in my hour of need.

You are an all-powerful Lord and you can see exactly what is happening in my life and the need I have for your support right now.

I know I have asked you for help in the past and I am coming to you again and I know you have infinite patience with your flock. You see all my weaknesses and yet you still love and care for me, Lord.

Lord, I try in every way to live my life as you command, sometimes the way you have set me is difficult and I do not always succeed. I also know that you do not send me burdens I cannot bear. I know I walk with your love in my heart, I know you carry me at times Lord when my burdens are too great.

Help me now Lord, find a way to send me a financial blessing, help me see a way to bring this into my life right now, to manifest the money I need to get me through this period.

You know Lord that I try my best to provide for all my needs but that it is difficult for me to make ends meet at times and there are too many things that I need to look after, I carry a lot of responsibility.

Prayers for Immediate Financial BlessingRight now I am in some trouble and I know that if you hear this prayer for a financial blessing you will see my need and my righteous plea for your help.

You never leave me alone and forsaken Lord, you never abandon your faithful servant. I ask that you help me now to find a way to manifest what I need in my life right now.

I trust you, Lord you have never let me down before, you are always so gracious in your care for me and so full of love for me that I am blown away by the amount of love you have for your people here on earth.

You can see my suffering, and the way this current situation is affecting my life and my health. You understand suffering, Lord and you give us the strength to get through it. You always walk by our sides and help us survive everything thrown at us.

On this occasion, my greatest need is not just the strength to get through this situation but I need the practical means to do so. You know that what I really need right now is a financial blessing, a way of bringing enough money into my life quickly to be able to pay off anything I owe and set me on the right path for the future.

Lord, I know you understand suffering and you do not wish to see your true followers suffer, you can see how difficult things are for me and I know you have lots of ways of helping me.

This prayer for a financial blessing isn’t just for me Lord, it is to help me take care of any responsibilities I have so that I am in a position to help others in need.

I always try to follow your commands Lord to put others first to walk in your love and to help others where I can. If there is a way that I can be helped right now please make this happen for me so that I am in a better position to walk forward in your path Lord.

I give you thanks and praise for all your help and I know by your divine power a miracle will happen in my life and you will usher forth abundance and all will be well.

I am also asking for the help of St Padre Pio who made sure the poor who visited the monastery during world war 1 had bread when they were severely rationed. He sent many miracles to aid the poor and the sick and here and now I ask for his blessing to help me find that miracle in my life.

Your saints are so special Lord they are here to help us and now many sit beside you in heaven.

I know Lord that you send Saints amongst us still to support those in need. Bring me an angel right now to lift my spirits and make manifest what I need in my life.

I know I am asking for your grace and bounty and that when this miracle is granted to me I will be forever in your debt Lord. I praise you for the love you have shown me and your presence in my life.

It helps me to know that you are there for me Lord and I can trust you to look after me and provide me with the help I need.

Thank you for your love and presence in my life.


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Scripture and Bible Verses for Immediate Financial Blessing

Bible Verse for Immediate Financial Blessing

“Trust in God with all thine heart; and be not exalted in thine own wisdom. … With all your heart you must trust the Lord and not your own judgment” Proverbs 3:5

Letting go of your worries and putting them in God’s hands is part of his design for us. We must learn to fully trust the Lord for he will never fail us.

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; and you who have no money, come, buy and eat! Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labor on what does not satisfy?” Isaiah 55:1

A lesson from God is that we do not worship money. He will look after us and take care of our needs. We should worry only about our needs and not beyond them.

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  1. I desperately need a miracle in several aspects of my life. I need the money I was receiving on a monthly basis restored immediately. Please give the organization that helped me an open heart to help me again. I also ask for my son to be returned to my life. His name is Steven Michael. I also want my ex-husband to be the man I first met and to return to me. My health is failing and I live with pain. I need an immediate healing. The government Housing help is being reviewed and I ask that it be approved and not be decreased in amount. I am living in fear. I don’t have family and I need immediate miracles in my life. Help me with a windfall of blessings in everything I need.

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