9 Devotional Prayers for A Broken Family

These devotional prayers for a broken family ask God to heal and bond a family back together. Family is important to everyone, and God cares about our family relationships if your family is struggling, it can cause distress in many aspects of your life.

Whether it’s your own marriage or a friend’s family. Remember, though, prayer is powerful and inviting God can bring comfort and healing.  The following prayers will invite God into your family or the family of your friends who struggle. With God, healing is possible.

Let us pray.


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Dear Jesus Christ,

We come before you today asking for your help and guidance. Our family is broken and we need your healing touch. Surround us with your love and peace, and help us to rebuild our relationships with each other. We ask that you mend our hearts and minds, and help us to forgive each other for the hurts we have caused.

Give us the strength to face the challenges ahead, and help us to rebuild our family in your name. We thank you for your guidance and mercy, and we pray that you will bless us with your love and peace.


Prayer for Broken Family

Dear God,

Thank You for blessing my life and the lives of so many around me. We have felt Your influence and we are grateful for Your strength.

The prayer I offer today is for a broken family. This family is struggling. They need Your power and Your grace. They are feeling broken and lost, and they need reassurance.

Bless the parents of this family. Send them love. Teach them to forgive and help them find joy. Remind them of the times they have felt loved and appreciated. Remind them of how to show that love again. Teach them kindness and generosity, so they can show their children what proper role models look like.

Bless the children in this family. Help them feel loved and seen. Let them know that they are not forgotten and that their opinions and feelings are valuable. Wrap Your arms around these children, so they will know pure love.  Comfort them and reassure them during their difficult, sad times.

Dear God, shower this family with healing and understanding so they may find peace, comfort, and love again in their lives.

I close this prayer, knowing that Your timing is the best for us all, in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

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Short Prayer For A Broken Family

Oh, Holy Father,

We come before you today asking for your healing hand on our broken family.

May You mend the broken pieces and bind up our wounds. Bring us a better tomorrow and bring us back closer than before.


Prayer To Help All Broken Families

Dear Jesus Christ,

We come to you today with a heavy heart. So many families are broken, and we don’t know what to do. We pray that you will help us and bring us back together so we might follow in your path. Heal the wounds of those who have been hurt. Bring comfort to those who are grieving. Bind up the brokenhearted and set them free from grief and pain.

Lord, we know that you are a God of restoration. We pray that you will restore the families who have been shattered. Bring them back together in love and unity. Help them to forgive each other and to move forward in Your love.


Scripture for A Broken Family

Prayer To Reunite A Broken Family

Dear Father,

We come before you today asking for your help in reuniting our broken family. Our loved ones are separated and we long to see them together again. Please heal the hurt that has been caused and bring us back together as one. We thank you for your love and mercy and ask that you guide us on the path to healing.


You could also offer a God a prayer for marriage restoration.

Prayer for Healing a Broken Family

Holy God,

We are so grateful for You and Your divine power. We have faith that You can heal all wounds and repair all things that are broken. Today, we pray that You will use that power to heal this family.

Tie their hearts together. Renew their bond as a family, so they can face the challenges of life together. Help this family feel connected and supported both within the family and outside of the family.

Renew this family’s joy. Help them find wholesome activities to entertain the family and strengthen the love they feel for each other.

Lead this family away from the sin that will drive them apart. Help renew their devotion to one another. Give them more love and support within the bounds of their family.

Teach this family a new way of life. Help them find a way to live with each other, love each other, and grow together. Give them the forgiveness to give each other second chances. Give them the maturity to set appropriate boundaries.

We pray that as You bless this family, they will be healed and renewed to a new sense of love and life.

We offer this prayer in Your holy name, Amen.

Bible Verse for A Broken Family

Prayer for Healing Broken Family Ties

Holy Father God,

Thank You for blessing my life. Thank You for offering me the grace of Jesus Christ. I need Your amazing grace every single day and especially at this time.

Father, please help heal my family. We feel broken, shattered, and separated, and I know that Your love is the healing balm to close all wounds.

Father, bless this family with forgiveness. Help us be quick to forgive and slow to become angry. Help us be willing to move on and heal from hurtful things that have been said and done by all involved. Forgive us for our harsh words and unkind actions.

Please give this family understanding. Teach us empathy so that we can understand one another. Remove the judgment we may have for one another.

Remove envy and greed from our hearts. In their place, give us love and generosity. Help us celebrate the achievements of our family members, even if we are experiencing disappointment in our personal lives.

Help us release our grudges. Take the weight off of our hearts. Give us forgiveness and love instead.

I offer this prayer on behalf of my family, in Your name, Amen.

Prayers to Reunite a Broken Family

Dear God,

Thank You for the gift of Your grace. We need it to help us become whole.

Our family is broken. We have been separated, both physically and emotionally. We no longer see eye to eye. We do not understand each other.

We pray that You will reunite this family. Help us find each other. Give us the compassion to meet each other where we are. Let us listen with empathy and understanding, and teach us to forgive.

God, please teach us generosity. Let us release our selfish desires. Help our hearts be turned together so that we can unite for a common cause.

We pray that You will help us become reacquainted. Open our ears, so that we can listen and learn from one another. Fill our hearts with forgiveness, so that we can move forward with hope for a kinder, brighter future.

We close this prayer in Jesus Christ’s name, Amen.

Intercessory Prayer for Broken Families

Dear Holy Father,

Your grace and wisdom extend to all who will turn to You. I pray now on behalf of families who need that power in their lives.

Father, please intercede in these broken families. Repair the broken ties before more insult and pain can take root. Give these families the power to forgive, as You forgive. Teach them to grow together in patience and empathy.

Bless the children of broken families so that they may be loved and nourished. Show them that they matter and that they are loved.

Please bless everyone in a broken family that they will remember You love them perfectly. With Your perfect love, all pain can be washed away.

Father, please help all broken families become whole. Help them forge new ties that are stronger. Help their bonds become reinforced through Jesus Christ.

I offer this prayer in Jesus’ name.


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Short Prayer for a Broken Family

These prayers for a broken family are just one way that you can invite the lord into your situation. He is always present, and he longs to help us in our time of need. If you have other resources or ideas that have helped you, please share them in the comments below. We hope that these prayers offer some comfort and healing as you work through this difficult time.

May God bless you all during this difficult time. We pray that you will find strength in Him as you work to reunite your family. Thank you for your prayers.

Bible Verses and Scripture for A Broken Family

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit. – Psalm 34:18

Prayer for a Broken FamilyFor anyone who has experienced the pain of a broken family, the words of Psalm 34:18 can offer comfort and hope.

The verse speaks of the Lord being near to those who are brokenhearted and saving those who are crushed in spirit. In other words, God is present with us in our time of need and will help us to heal.

This can be a particularly powerful message for those who have been through a divorce or separation. No matter how broken our families may be, we can take solace in the fact that God is always with us, ready to help us pick up the pieces.

Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you. – Ephesians 4:32

Restoring a broken family begins with forgiveness and understanding. This Bible verse from Ephesians is often quoted in times of conflict or when families are going through difficult times.

For a broken family, this verse can serve as a reminder that there is always hope for reconciliation and healing. No matter how difficult things may seem, we must never give up on one another. Instead, we should show kindness and tenderness, knowing that God will forgive us just as we forgive others. By extending this same grace to our family members, we can begin to mend what has been broken and create a stronger, more loving bond with one another.

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