9 Blessed Prayers for Before Studying

Are you looking for ways to get focused and prepare your mind before studying? If so, then prayer is a great way to start. These are some prayers that can ask the Lord God to help you focus and study. He can make things easier, assisting your memory, focus and understanding.

Let us pray.


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Father in Heaven, Lord God Almighty, I open my heart to you in need of your wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for the world that you have given to us. Thank you for this place where we can live, work and study. Please bless all those who are studying today so that they may be able to complete their assignments successfully. Please bless them with the wisdom to understand their school tasks and help them complete all of their work.

Help us to focus and remember the things we study.


Prayer Before Studying

Lord, I do not pray for a lighter cross or an easier life than what you have given me. Studying is a task but it is one I take gladly in your name.

I pray that your own will may be done in me and through me to accomplish your purpose here on earth [for me], as it is in heaven [for you].

Lord, I pray that Your will be done in all people and through all people.

Help me to study this day. Help me to hold my focus and remember these teachings.

That we may live our lives here on earth to make a difference for eternity — where we will spend the rest of our existence with you after this life.


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Prayer for Before Studying

Prayer Before Studying The Bible

Oh Holy Father, thank you for giving your children a book to study. Help me use the word of God as a sword and a shield. Guide me in understanding its meaning, so I may share it with others who need it most. Lead me down the path of righteousness, so that others may see your light shine through me.

I pray these things unto you, In my most holy name.


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Bible Verse for Exam Success

Prayer To The Holy Spirit Before Studying

Dear Lord God Almighty and the Holy Spirit, thank you for everything that you have done,

Thank you for this day and for life itself.

I ask that the holy spirit fill me with strength, creativity and understanding to get through my studies without difficulty or sin.

Help me hold my focus and attention.

Help me to retain all that I learned.

Thank you also to all those who will help me get through my exams.


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Prayer For Students Before Studying

Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, I come to you today to ask for your guidance and direction in this study session. Please fill my mind with understanding so that through this study I may gain knowledge that will help me grow closer to you and further from sin.

Please also bless those under who I am studying, that they may teach me according to your will. Give me the strength to take what I have learned and apply it to my life so that I may be a better disciple of yours and inspire others.


Prayer To St Thomas Aquinas Before Studying

Father in Heaven, Lord God all-powerful and st Thomas Aquinas, I am here before you once again this morning full of excitement and anticipation. I thank You for all that You have done for me already.

St Aquinas, I’m about to study and I need your help. Please open my eyes to the things that I need to know and hold my hand as I struggle to focus. Lead me to understand and help me to remember the things I have studied.

I thank You for all that You have done in my life. I praise Your name now and forevermore.


Prayer before Studying For Exams

Oh, Lord God, thank you for this day. Thank you for the gift of life and the time to work hard in school to get a good education.

Guide me today as I study, please make my mind sharp and keep distractions at bay. If any part of my studying is weak or lacking in some way, let it be revealed so that I may correct it.

Thank you for this opportunity to learn.


Prayer Before Studying For Better Memory

Jesus Christ my Lord, my Savior, and my King. I pray before every study session that you guide my actions so that all I do is to your glory. Teach me Lord so that I may learn how to study well, write effectively, and speak persuasively.

I know today’s world values success in college so highly because of the career opportunities it presents. Lord, I ask that you help me to keep this world’s potential career success in perspective and to reject any temptation that leads me to study for grades rather than the greater purpose – knowing and loving you.

Bible Verse to Open Bible Study

Catholic Prayer Before Studying

Dear Jesus Christ and God the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Virgin Mary and all you saints, I pray to you for your help.

I would like to study so that I may become a better student and increase my knowledge of both divine scriptures as well as secular material. I pray to you with all my heart, mind and soul so that you may reach down from heaven and touch me, enlighten me so that I may know the truth which leads to eternal life.

I humbly ask this in your Holy Name.


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I hope these prayers for before studying will help you find the Lord’s guidance in your time of need. May God bless you with His love and light as you study.

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