13 Angelic Prayers For Epilepsy

These are a collection of our devotional prayers for epilepsy. Epilepsy can be difficult, frustrating and can make you feel disconnected or unsafe, as the seizures can often be unpredictable. Please remember, if you or someone you know has epilepsy, they are not alone. God loves all of us. God will help us as we struggle with any ailments, frailties, or challenges in our lives.

The following prayers can offer you comfort or strength as you or someone you love manages their epilepsy. Always remember that turning to God will help you through the challenges of your life.

For Christians, finding prayers for epilepsy can be a comfort and help to cope with this condition. The Bible has many scriptures that offer hope and healing for those who suffer from epilepsy. Here are some of the most powerful Angelic prayers for epilepsy. May they bring you peace and comfort during your time of need.

Let us pray.


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God, we pray for those who suffer from epilepsy. We know that you are a God of healing and we ask that you would heal their bodies and minds from this disease.

Lord, we know that you are the only one who can truly heal them and so we ask that you would touch their lives in a powerful way. We pray for your comfort for those who suffer from epilepsy and for their families as they walk with them through this difficult time.


Short Prayer Against Epilepsy

Dear Lord God,

I come before you today asking for your help in preventing and curing epilepsy. This terrible disease has caused so much suffering in so many people, and we plead with you to banish it from their lives.

Lord, we know that you are all-powerful and can do anything, so we ask you to please heal those who suffer from epilepsy and to free them from its grip.


Bible Verse For Epilepsy

Saintly Prayer for Epilepsy

Saint Valentine,

You patron saint of love and those who have epilepsy, I ask you to pray on behalf of my loved one who is struggling with their epilepsy right now.

I hope that you will intercede on their behalf and ask God for His power in helping them. Please help reduce the frequency of their seizures. I pray that their seizures will become so infrequent that they can carry about their life with less concern.

Please ask God to decrease the severity of their seizures. Help their seizures be mild and treatable.

Saint Valentine, I pray that you will help make sure angels are there to protect my loved one. Let these angels guide the doctors to the right treatments. Let these angels protect my friend when they face their seizures so that they can get the help they need.

Saint Valentine, please help my loved one find comfort. Have God send peace to their mind, so they will not worry about their illness. Help them have clarity of mind to find the doctors to treat them. Ease their anxiety so they can carry on with the things they need to accomplish.

I am so grateful for your intercession on their behalf.

I offer this prayer in the name of our Savior, Jesus Christ,


Short Prayer for Seizures

Dear Father God,

Thank You for blessing my life. Thank You for Your guidance, help, and comfort. I pray now for help with my seizures. Please fight the frequency of my seizures. Help them come infrequently if they continue to come at all.

Help the seizures be free of pain. Help me be safe to know when they will come so that I can be prepared and avoid injury. Father, please protect me from injury when I face my seizures.

God, thank You for protecting me. I pray that You will help my seizures end so that I can carry on doing good work.

I offer this prayer in Jesus Christ’s name,


St Valentine Prayer for Epilepsy

O glorious Saint Valentine,

Please hear my prayer and advocate on my behalf. I ask that you will intercede with the Lord and give me the grace and mercy to be protected from this epilepsy.

Please help relieve me from this misery. At times it is difficult to fight this disease and endure the challenges it brings. I pray that you will invoke the power of God to protect me and treat me.

I honor your life and your service. I am so grateful for your sacrifice and your example. I pray that I will grow closer to God, as you did throughout your life.

Please intercede. Protect me from harm. Keep me safe and protected and help me find the right doctors to treat this illness. Please have the lord guide the actions of these doctors so that they will know which treatments I should pursue. I pray that with your help, I will be able to manage this illness with ease.

Thank you for your kindness and your generosity. I am so grateful for your help in my life.

I offer this prayer, hoping you will intercede, in Jesus Christ’s name,


Prayer For Epilepsy

Prayer to Cure Epilepsy

Holy God in Heaven,

I am so incredibly grateful for the blessings You have bestowed upon me in my life. Thank You for protecting me. Thank You for watching out for my family.

I pray now for a miracle in my life. I pray that You will intervene and cure my epilepsy. I know that this is a lot to ask. However, I also know that through Your power, all things are possible. I pray that you will amplify my faith. Make my faith strong enough that I can be healed, just as Jesus Christ healed so many people.

I accept Your will. If it is not Your will for me to be healed at this time, I pray that You will grant me the patience and perseverance to endure through this challenge in my life. I pray that You will stand by me and that I will be able to see Your hand in everything, even if it is not through taking away this trial.

I offer this prayer humbly, with the hope for a miracle, in Jesus Christ’s name,


Prayer for Epilepsy Support

Dear God,

Thank You for Your power, grace, and mercy. I pray that You will use that power to bless all of the people on Earth.

I pray that You will support those afflicted with epilepsy. Help them. Strengthen them. Give them peace. I pray that You will watch over and protect them, so they can find comfort through this trial. Please send them comfort so these wonderful souls will know they are not alone. Tell them that they are loved and that so many of us care about them and want them to be happy.

I also pray that You will help others know how to serve and support them. Help me know what I can do to be a better friend and helper to those who have epilepsy. Place me where I need to be to help them when they are struggling. Give me the strength and the clarity of mind to aid them in case of an emergency.

I am so grateful for the blessings You have given me. You are the Lord God omnipotent, and through Your power, all things can be accomplished. I pray You will send that power to support those with epilepsy.

I close this prayer in Your name,


Prayer To Stop Epilepsy

God, I come to you seeking your help. Epilepsy can be a difficult condition to manage, and we ask that you would intervene on behalf of those who suffer from it.

Help them to find peace and calmness, and give them the strength they need to face each day. We also pray for those who care for them, that they may have the patience and understanding they need. Hold them close to you Lord God.


Healing Prayer For Epilepsy

Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior, please help heal _______ from epilepsy.

Lift your follower up in grace, so that they may be healed from this disorder. Epilepsy can be a very frightening and challenging condition to live with. We ask that you would intervene on our behalf and heal completely.

Thank you for your mercy and grace. In your name, we pray.


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Prayer For Someone Suffering From Epilepsy

Father in Heaven,

I come before you today seeking help and guidance on behalf of someone dealing with Epilepsy.

Your servant and child _______ is suffering from epilepsy and I pray that You will heal them of this affliction. Lay Your holy hands upon their shoulders. Lord, we know that You are a God of healing and that You can do great things. Please, Lord, have mercy on _______ and heal them.

Grant them the strength to cope and help them feel Your presence and know comfort during this trialing time.


Prayer For Children Who Have Epilepsy

God, we come before you today asking for your healing hand over all children dealing with Epilepsy. You are The great physician and we trust in your ability to heal and restore them. Touch their minds and bodies with your power and love, so that they may be healed completely and live free from this disease.

We ask this in the name of Your son, Jesus Christ.


Prayer To St John The Baptist For Epilepsy

Dear St John,

I pray to you today to ask for your loving aid with Epilepsy. Send your healing relief and guidance during this difficult time and shine your light on the path ahead.

I know that you understand what it is like to suffer. Please take this pain and help us find the strength to fight on.


Christian Prayer For Epilepsy

Dear Lord God in Heaven,

I come before you today asking for your healing hand over all those who suffer from Epilepsy. You are the God and Father of miracles and nothing can stand against your healing light.

Lord, please heal those that are suffering from this condition and send them relief from their seizures and struggles. Pour out your healing power over their bodies and minds, and restore them to health and wholeness in Your love.

Lord, I also pray for the families of those who suffer from Epilepsy. Give them strength in this difficult time, and grant them your peace that surpasses all understanding.


Short Prayer Against Epilepsy

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Bible Verses For Epilepsy

Lord, have mercy on my son, for he is an epileptic and he suffers terribly. For often he falls into the fire, and often into the water. – Matthew 17:15

This verse from the Book of Matthew is a prayer said by a man to Jesus, asking for mercy on his son who suffers from epilepsy. The man in this verse is asking for Jesus to have mercy on his son because the seizures are so severe that he often falls into fire or water and could be seriously injured or killed.

This verse shows the desperation of a parent who is watching their child suffer and feels helpless to do anything about it. It also highlights the power of prayer in times of need.

Epilepsy does not discriminate; it can affect anyone at any time in their life as the Lord God can offer help no matter their history or past. The Lord’s Prayer is a good place to start if you are looking for a general prayer to pray for someone who has epilepsy or you can use these specific prayers. May the Lord bless and help anyone struggling with this and may we remember that he gives us these tests for a reason.

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