14 Devout Prayers For My Parents

God has commanded us to honor our parents. A prayer for your parents is one of the easiest and most profound ways to express your love. A heartfelt prayer invites God’s omnipotent power into someone’s life. It also increases your personal faith and connection to God and your parents.

These prayers focus on bringing light and health into your parents’ lives.

Let us pray.


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Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for my parents.

I know you have blessed me with them. They are hard-working people who love me so much. I am thankful that they always try to teach me moral lessons and that you gave them the strength to keep moving forward in their lives when times get tough.

I know they have made many sacrifices for me, Lord God, please be with them today and keep them forever in your grace.


Prayer for My Parent’s Safety

Dear Father God,

I am so grateful for my family. Thank You for giving me my loving parents who have taught me so much. Today, I humbly come before You to ask for Your influence in their life. Please keep my parents safe.

Protect my parents from harm. Keep their bodies safe from injury and illness. Please help my parents stay safe from those who wish ill upon them. Help them know which paths to take to keep them close to you and close to security. Please protect their health and safety.

Please watch over my parents while they travel. Keep them safe from accidents. Protect the vehicles they travel in. Keep their minds alert to their surroundings. Help the travelers around them pay attention.

Dear Father, please watch over my parents’ house. Make it a haven where they can be safe and secure from the cares of the world. Help them rest at night knowing they are safe in their home.

I humbly pray that You will protect my parents. I ask this in Jesus Christ’s name,


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Short Prayer for My Parents

Dear God,

Today I come before you to offer a prayer on behalf of my parents. Father, please take care of them.

Bless my parents that they will stay happy and healthy. Help them find comfort, ease, and joy in their lives. Keep them from harm and lead them to love. Let them know that You love them and let them know that I love them.

I offer this prayer in the sacred name of Jesus Christ,


Scripture for Your Parents

Prayer for My Parent’s Marriage

Holy Father in Heaven,

I am so grateful for the goodly parents I have. I am so grateful for all of the kindness You have shown my family, and I thank You for that. Father, today I pray that you will strengthen my parents’ marriage.

Please help my parents remember why they fell in love. Help them remember the beautiful memories they have built together. Please remind my parents of the good days they have shared and help those memories get them through the difficult days.

Father, please give my parents patience. Grant them with empathy and understanding for one another. Bless their ears that they will be receptive to what their partner has to say.

Please bless their hands. Help them be ready to help each other through good times and bad. Let them support one another and celebrate the victories they have accomplished as a couple.

God, please help my parents’ marriage to be strong. Help their marriage to withstand the test of time. Help them find romance in the day-to-day experiences of their lives.

Thank You for sending Your grace to my family.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ,


Prayer for My Parent’s Health

Dear Father God,

I pray that with Your divine power, you will keep my parents healthy.

Please keep them safe from illness. If they do fall ill, please help them to recover quickly and fully. Bless them with strong immune systems that can combat disease and illness.

Bless my parents that they will have access to the medical professionals they need to help them with any difficulties that may arise throughout their lives. Help those doctors and nurses know what my parents need and help my parents afford any treatments they may need. Also, please help them attain the food they need to nourish their bodies and keep them healthy.

God, please bless my parents with strength. Please give them the energy to move their bodies in ways that are healthy and productive.

Father, please bless my parents’ mental health. Bless them with endurance when things are difficult. Give them the joy to combat depression. Give them peace to combat anxiety. Give them love to combat the hatred in the world.

I humbly offer this prayer in Jesus Christ’s holy name,


Bible Verse for Your Parents

Prayer for My Parents in Heaven

Dear God,

Thank You for Your divine influence in my life. Thank You for the beautiful family with which You blessed me. Father, today I miss my parents who have returned to You and I offer this prayer for them.

God, please help my parents know how much I love them. Tell them I am grateful for everything they did for me and everything they taught me. Please help them know that I appreciate them. Please pass the message along that I miss them. Help me feel their presence in my life so that I can find comfort in my mourning.

God, please help my parents. Help them know that they did a good job raising me. Help them know that I am so grateful for them. Let them know how loved they are by everyone.

As I mourn them, please bless me. Help me to remember the wonderful memories we made. Help me honor them with my righteous living.

I offer this prayer for my parents in heaven in the name of Jesus Christ,


Daily Prayer for My Parents

Dear Father God,

As I go about my business today, I humbly come before You to pray for my parents.

Keep my parents safe from harm that may befall them. Help them stay on a path that will lead them to You.

Give my parents grace and compassion. Help them offer mercy and forgiveness to those around them.

Keep my parents in Your thoughts and actions. Guide them and protect them. Shower them with Your divine love, so they may feel Your presence. Please bless their marriage that it will be full of kindness and love.

I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ,


Prayer For Aging Parents

God, please watch over my aging parents. Please give them the strength to cope with the physical, emotional and mental changes that come with age. Help them first accept their limitations, then work with those limitations.

Give them hope for the future of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Be by their sides, reminding them how much you love them when they are struggling with the loss of strength and independence.

Hold them tightly. Keep them happy, healthy and loved in Your grace.


Bible Verses for Your Parents

Prayer For Parents And Guardians

Dear Jesus Christ,

Please bless parents and guardians all over the world. Please give them strength in everyday life. You know that they try their best to guide us, help us and teach us right from wrong.

The Bible says “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Hold them close as they go about Your work. May we not take them for granted but remember all that they have done for us.


Prayer For Parents From Daughter

Dear Lord God,

I bring before you, my beloved parents for whom I am so grateful and who have given me more than I can ever repay.

They are dear to me beyond words, and even the best of earthly things I own mean nothing in comparison to what they have done for me.

Lord, please bless them with every good thing. Bless them with health and strength, happiness and peace, joy in each day and a thankful heart for all Your many blessings.

And Lord God, if this life is not their portion according to Your covenant, let them live forever with You in heaven.


We also have a collection of more specific daughter’s prayers for her mother you could offer to God.

Prayer For My Parents To Stop Fighting

Oh Holy Father, hear my prayer.

Forgive my parents for they know not what they do. Father, turn the anger of their hearts away from each other and towards yourself. Stop them from fighting with one another and let them see your Love in themselves and each other. Let me be an instrument of Your Peace in this home of mine, and bring joy and happiness to my family.

I ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son.


Morning Prayer For My Parents

Gracious God, thank you for my parents who have shaped me into the person I am today. Thank you for the sacrifices they’ve made so that I could be here now.

Protect them this day and help our family always to honor what is important to them, and help us all to live lives of love, service, and faithfulness. We ask all this through Christ, our Lord.


Strong Prayer For My Parents

Lord God, I come to you in the mighty name of Your Son Jesus Christ.

As I pray before You this day, I lift up my parents before You in prayer, Lord God. They have raised me up and taught me well. They sacrificed for me in ways I shall never be able to repay. Lord, please guide them with Your wisdom and love. Send your angels to guide them as they go about their day.

Hold them in safety and in happiness.


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Whether you’re praying at a particular time of need for your parents or just giving thanks for everything they have done, the Lord is forever watching over them. We should always remember to be thankful for our parents even in times of great stress and difficulty.

Bible Verses and Scripture for Your Parents

Honor your father and mother – Ephesians 6:2

Prayer For My ParentsHonoring your parents is mandated by God’s commandment. Filial piety stems from a sense of gratitude for your parents who brought you into the world.

This simple commandment, found in the Book of Ephesians, speaks to the heart of what it means to be a good son or daughter. To honor our parents is to show them respect and love, and to strive to live up to their example.

It is also to support them in their time of need, whether that be financially, emotionally, or spiritually. By honoring our parents, we not only fulfill a divine commandment but also strengthen the bond of love between us.

In doing so, we bring joy and blessing to our lives and to the lives of those who raised us and to who we owe so much.

Children, be obedient to your parents in all things, for this is well-pleasing to the Lord. – Colossians 3:20

Part of that honoring means being obedient and listening to your parents. In today’s society, there is a lot of emphases placed on individual rights and independence. However, the Bible reminds us that we are to honor and respect our parents. This includes being obedient to them.

When we are obedient to our parents, we are showing honor and respect for their authority. We are also acknowledging that they know what is best for us. This doesn’t mean that we always agree with them or that we don’t have a voice of our own. But it does mean that we submit to their authority and follow their teachings.

If we do disagree with them, express your concerns but do so from a place of love and respect as they deserve.

A wise son makes a father glad, But a foolish man despises his mother. – Proverbs 15:20

This particular verse from Proverbs speaks to the importance of respecting and honoring one’s parents. A wise son or daughter is a source of joy and pride to their parents, while a foolish child brings shame and disappointment.

This verse serves as a reminder that we should always show love and appreciation for our parents, even when they make mistakes. It is only through their unconditional support that we are able to grow and thrive in this world. By honoring our parents, we are also honoring the wisdom of the Bible and following the words of God.

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