9 Hallowed Prayers for Perseverance

Are you looking for a prayer for perseverance to help you continue through tough times? Look no further than the Bible. These hallowed prayers can give you the strength and courage you need to keep going. May God bless you as you seek his guidance and comfort during challenging times.

In Matthew chapter 24, Jesus Christ teaches us that enduring the end is crucial for our salvation. In this mortal world, though, perseverance is not a simple task. It requires dedication, time, and patience. Some days are harder than others, and the only way to truly persevere is through the help of God.

The following prayers will ask God for help and strength as you seek to endure the storms of this life. Humbly ask God for His help, and He will provide for you.

Let us pray.


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Short Prayer for Perseverance

Dear Father God,

I come before You today to humbly ask for Your help and intervention in my life. I am faced with many difficult trials and I do not feel strong enough to manage them on my own.

I pray that You will give me the strength both physically and mentally to face these challenges with a joyful heart and hope for a better future.

Please help me keep moving forward and help me have faith in Your plan for my life. I pray that You will comfort me as I face these difficulties.

I offer this prayer in Jesus Christ’s name,


Scripture For Perseverance

Prayer For Final Perseverance

Father in Heaven, Lord God, may your will be done. Please give me the strength to remain in the faith until the day I die. Please protect my family, friends, and community from all evil influences so that they may join me one day in heaven. Please forgive my sins, cleanse my heart of all hatred and lead me to a life of love, virtue, and good work.

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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Prayer For Patience And Perseverance

Oh Holy Father, The Lord God Almighty, please bless me with patience and perseverance.

Please let my faith in you grow stronger today. Let me share your faith with others who need your love.

Please, I ask that You help me to be patient when the trials come into my life because of this faith. Help me ignore the distractions from people around me and focus on the path you have set out for me.

Please give me strength when I am tested and my faith in you is shaken. Give me the courage to stand up against evil in this world and be a beacon of hope to those around me.


Prayer for Perseverance and Strength

Holy Father in Heaven,

I am so grateful for the many blessings You have bestowed upon me in this life. I pray that You will bring those happy blessings to my memory on days when I am lacking gratitude and joy.

I pray that You will give me strength. Please help my body have the fortitude to keep working and striving for goodness. I am tired and fatigued and I pray that through Your power, You will magnify and renew my energy.

Father, please bless my mind that it will be strong and resilient. Help me to find joy even in difficult times. Please help me find comfort for my heart and my mind on days when I feel sad and discouraged. Father, please send Your Spirit to comfort me when I feel alone. Give me the courage to press forward.

Father, please help me stand against the storms of the world. Let me not be deterred by temptation or weakness. Let me not fall into the evils of Satan, but instead, help me stand faithful and true. Guide my heart and help me choose what is right, even if I am alone in making that choice.

I offer this humble prayer in Your holy name,


You could combine this prayer with a Bible verse for the weary. The scripture reminds us that God is always there for us.

Prayer for Perseverance at Work

Holy God,

Thank You for giving me the career that I have. I am grateful for the opportunity to work and earn money. I am grateful for the chance to earn money to provide for myself.

God, I need Your help persevering in this job. Some days are frustrating and my patience alone is not enough. I need Your divine help to keep me going. Bless me with enhanced patience. Bless me with extra peace at work. Give my heart Your love so that I can get along well with my coworkers.

God, please give me strength. Help the long days feel shorter and help me have the energy to keep going when the days are long. Grant peace unto my mind so that I can rest at home when I am away from work.

Please help me find joy in the work that I do. Invite fun and enjoyment into even the mundane tasks of my job. Grant comfort to the other people that I work with. Help me ease the frustrations they may have with work.

I am so grateful for Your divine comfort in all things.

I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ,


Bible Verse For Perseverance

Prayer for Perseverance in Prayer

Dear God,

Thank You for Your divine power in my life. I am so grateful for the comfort You send me each day. Thank You for the blessings I have in my life that give me joy and comfort.

Please help me remember to always turn to You. Help me keep my heart aligned with Your will. Let me begin and end each day with prayer and let my prayers reach Your heavenly home. I hope that You will always remind me to pray when I need comfort, strength, and wisdom.

Father, please help me stay close to You. Guide my actions. Give me endurance so that I may carry on through the trials of life. Keep my spirit strong and joyful.

Help me know Jesus Christ and how he would act. Help me trust His words, even when I am stubborn and want my own will. I pray that You will give me faith to trust Your will in all things and to have patience while I work towards my goals.


Prayer for Perseverance in Suffering

Dear God,

Thank You for blessing my life. Thank You for Your gospel that teaches me to have patience and faith.

Today, I pray that You will ease my suffering. Please help me find rest and patience. The trials of this life are sometimes so much to bear, and I know that Jesus Christ bore those pains for me. I pray that through my faith in Him, I can be strengthened to endure whatever life brings to me.

Father, please bless my body so that it will be able to withstand pain. As I suffer, I pray that You will give me the strength to keep going. I pray that You will ease my pain so that I may rest and regain the strength I have lost.

I pray that You will renew my hope in the world and in Your word. Help me have faith that if I trust in You, all things will be made right. I know that Your plan is the best plan.

Help me endure. Help me stand strong against whatever comes my way, be it pain, doubt, fear, worry, or the evil works of humankind. I pray that You will help me come out on top and return to You.

I offer this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ,


Prayer To Jesus And Mary For Perseverance

Oh, Mary and Jesus hear my prayer.

Look down upon me in my plight and bring me perseverance. Hold me strong as I battle through the trials before me.

I know that you are both always with me, in every moment of every day,  I want to thank you for the guidance, strength and love that you have shown me. Thank you for showing me how to get through this tough time.

I ask for the intercession of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God and Jesus the son of God to hold me close so I might continue on against the odds before me.

Grant me perseverance for Thou art blessed forever.


Positivity Prayer For Perseverance

Oh, Lord God, I am most unworthy of the many great gifts you have given me, but I thank You still for granting my petition for perseverance. Give me greater strength and positivity in the days to come.

I pray also for all who actively serve with me, that they will be granted perseverance when trials make their way around the bend. Grant us both the strength to continue on, Lord.

In Christ’s name, I pray.


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These prayers for perseverance will invite the Lord to help in this time of need. We all go through tough times, but with faith and perseverance we can make it through.

Bible Verses and Scripture For Perseverance

Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name. – Psalm 86:11

Prayer For PerseveranceThis Bible verse from Psalm 86 speaks to the importance of finding strength and courage in God when faced with difficult times. This verse is often offered as a prayer for endurance when faced with tough odds.

This is a powerful reminder that we are not alone in our struggles and that we can find strength in God when we feel weak. When we trust in Him and keep His teachings close to our hearts, we will be able to overcome anything that comes our way. This is a comforting message for anyone who is struggling to find hope in the midst of hardship.

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things. – Psalm 107:9

In the Bible, there are many examples of people who persevered through difficult times by relying on their faith.

This verse from Psalm 107 is a reminder that God is always there to help us through our struggles. He will satisfy our longing souls and fill us with good things.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that our problems will go away overnight, but it does mean that we will have the strength to face them. By turning to God, we can find the courage and hope we need to keep going.

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