8 Sacrosanct Prayers For Revival

Do you pray for revival? As Christians, we should earnestly pray for God to pour out His spirit and revive His church. There is no greater need in the world today than for revival. There are some sacrosanct prayers for revival from Scripture. These prayers are powerful and can help us to seek God’s presence in a deep way. May they inspire you as you pray for your own city or nation to come back to God.

These prayers on revival call upon Our Father to help keep us on the right path.

Let us pray.


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Oh Holy Father, God, we come to you on bended knee. We are pleading with you for revival. Revival in our churches, revival in our politics, revival in our nation. If it pleases You oh Lord, please send a spiritual awakening across the land once again.

We pray for this because of Your promise Oh God. We seek to be closer to you and feel some have turned from Your word. Help bring us back into the fold of Your embrace.


Scripture for Revival

Prayer For Church Revival

Dear Lord God,

I come to you to ask for a Church revival. Fewer and fewer people are going to Church and are turning their back on your teachings. I ask that you would prompt and inspire people to come back to the church and find a new love for Jesus.

Don’t turn your back on them, Lord.


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Prayer For Revival And Spiritual Awakening

Jesus Christ my Lord and savior,

I come before you to ask for a great revival and spiritual awakening in this city, that would lead to an overflow of your love into the hearts of those who live here. May every street become acquainted with you as people who have been transformed by your grace and mercy walk these paths day after day.

I thank you for those who have opened their hearts and experienced a spiritual awakening. Please continue to deepen that spirit of openness as you work in the hearts of your people here.

I thank you for giving such hope for this city, as we can see through your Spirit working in our midst.


You could also try prayer for spiritual growth.

Prayer For Revival Of The Church

Father in Heaven, Lord God Almighty,

We, your people, with broken hearts and contrite spirits come before you today as we mourn what has become of your church.

Too many have turned away from the old paths where we walked with our fathers in the faith. They were men who would not tolerate sin in their midst but joyfully bore one another’s burdens. Today this is no longer so. Men have abdicated their responsibility to admonish the erring and instead have chosen silence in the face of great evil.

Help return them to the Church. Bring your great revival so that they might feel your love as I do.

In the name of Christ, I pray,


You could say a prayer for Church growth as well.

Bible Verse for Revival

Prayer For Revival And Spiritual Awakening

Dear Lord God, this beloved nation deserves our prayers since it was founded in freedom and justice for all, but we are deeply saddened by its present state.

We pray that you might cause an outpouring of your Spirit upon us; bringing about a great spiritual awakening across the nation. May men and women everywhere come to know Christ through faith in him alone for salvation, and may we see entire families, communities, and cities come to know him as well. May we abandon false religions and worldly doctrines that separate us from your truth, Lord.

Bring us back to Your teachings and light.


Intercessory Prayer For Revival

Let my prayer for revival come before you, Lord.

People around me have strayed from Your teachings and the teachings of Jesus Christ when he came before us. They have strayed from Your words.

Please guide them, so they may find their way back to You. Bring them swiftly back to the Church and revive within them a love for You.

Help me to be a leader for my family and others, so I can lead them out of the darkness and into the light by following You with all that I am.

Help us, Holy father.


Warfare Prayers For Revival

Dear Lord God, Almighty Father of Heavenly hosts, we come to You today on behalf of our country and the people in my life. We pray that You would have mercy on this land, forgive us our sins as a nation, and heal our land.

Spread your lessons to others and make them see the error of their ways. Your path is the right path. Your word is the right word. Your love is the purest love.

We ask this for the Holy Name’s sake, Jesus Christ Your Son.


Prayer For Revival

Short Prayer For Revival

Oh, Holy Father,

We desperately need Your Holy Spirit to revive the people here on Earth. We are sinking in sin and sliding away from You. Please God, come quickly!

Oh Holy Father, please send Your Holy Spirit to transform us into who You want us to be.


Prayer For Revival Fire

Gracious God,

We come before you, humbled and broken. We acknowledge our sinfulness and the wickedness of our hearts. We apologize for desiring revenge against others or harboring bitterness towards those who have hurt us. Forgive us, Lord! Forgive us all!

Grow within us a fire for revival and faith. Bring us back to Your word and Your way.


If you look at what the Bible says about revenge, his scripture tells us this is not the way.

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Asking God to intercede and bring a revival of the Church is a service to yourself, others and God. We can help show people the true way of things and light within them an urge to learn more for themselves.

Bible Verses and Scripture for Revival

Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you? – Psalm 85:6

For Christians, Revival is about more than just individual salvation; it is also about the restoration of the Church as a whole.

When we ask for Revival, we are asking God to breathe new life into His Body, which includes every single believer. We are asking Him to renew our passion for Him and His mission in the world.

Then we will not turn away from you; revive us, and we will call on your name. – Psalm 80:18

When the Church is stagnant, it can be difficult to feel close to God. This verse reminds us that we should never give up hope and that we should always turn to God, even when it feels like He is far away or not listening.

As Christians, it is our job to help the Church grow closer to God and to bring Revival. We can do this by praying for our brothers and sisters in Christ, by being bold in our witness for Christ, and by living out our faith with joy.

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