11 Protective Prayers for Truck Drivers

Saying a prayer for truck drivers ask God to watch over them as they go about their work. Truck drivers have one of the most important jobs in our economy. They keep our country running by delivering goods and services across the nation. As Christians, we should pray for them regularly, so that they would be safe on the road and return safely to their family.

These prayers for truck drivers ask the Lord to watch over them.

Let us pray.


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Dear Lord God, thank you for giving me the strength to get into my truck this morning.

I ask that you watch over me as I drive on the nation’s roads, and I ask that you give drivers of vehicles near me the awareness to treat me with care. Bless all those who are traveling today, Lord God. May they be safe during their journey.

Lord God. May my driving be free of error so that I may continue my work transporting the world’s goods so they may be delivered to their destinations safely and on time.


Truck Driver’s Prayer for Safe Travels

This is a prayer for truck drivers (or the loved ones of drivers) when conditions suddenly turn unruly while on the road. This can include weather, accidents or some other danger.

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be thy name. I call upon you today for your utmost protection. Please keep me (or say the name of the driver) safe from any danger, peril and harm I (he/she) may experience on the road today.

Please be my lookout, be my companion; for in you I put all my love and trust. Remove all obstacles, free me (he/she) from entanglements and clear my path of potential accidents. Allow me to help anyone who may be in need as well.


We have a larger collection of prayers for safe travel you could also offer to God on behalf of a truck driver.

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Prayer To Bring Truck Drivers Home Safely

Gracious God, for those who truck our goods across the country, for those who share America’s highways to deliver the goods we depend on; we pray.

God of all people. God of this land. God of our hearts.

We lift before you, our brothers and sisters in this life’s journey, those men and women who undertake this difficult job. We pray for them today, O God─to protect them as they travel these roads. Bring them back safely to their families. Keep the road safe and their attention strong.

Give grace to all travelers and, especially to those whose lives are dedicated to this way of work.

You could also share a prayer for the armor of God on their behalf.

Prayers for Truck Driver Husband

To bring peace of mind, wives can use this prayer. When all love and well-wishing go into it, this can work like a charm. The trick is to keep a calm mind and maintain trust in God’s plan.

Dear Father in Heaven,

Please hear my prayer. As my husband enters his truck, galvanize his judgment like the finest steel. Bless his hands with security and finesse as he operates the wheel. Help him get to all destinations safe and sound. Let him return home just as sound and safe.

Every mile that he drives brings my mind calm and tranquility. Every moment that passes, give me comfort for his safe return. With every phone call and communication, let my heart be at ease.

In Your Sacred Name.


Scripture for Truck Drivers

Prayer for Truck Drivers to Say

This is a wonderful prayer for truck drivers to say before they begin their trip to and from dropping off cargo at any given destination. With your conviction and overflowing love for the Lord, say the following:

Our Father who art in heaven,

I call upon your infinite love and wisdom to look out for me as I head out onto the road. Please keep your eye on my family while I’m away and always shine your light on that unending yellow line night or day. With your protection and blessings, you give me a means by which to provide for my family.

Ensure my safety at all times and keep me aware and keen to avert danger. Make my resolve as solid as steel while you are the hands behind my wheel. Help me to stay on your path and walk in your truth at all times.

My greatest gratitude to Jesus; his Sacrifice, Amen!

A Weather Prayer for Truck Drivers

When you know snowstorms, thunderstorms, high winds and other inclement weather is inevitable, say this prayer for yourself or iterate it for the one you love.

Praise be to Jesus, Son of God in the Flesh of Man,

You are the truth, the light and the way. I call upon you to remove the weather troubles coming toward my path. Please guide my route as I traverse the great roads and make this (name the worrisome weather in question) as gentle as a lamb.

Help keep my rig’s traction strong and smooth while you make my mind sharp and couth. Give me the wisdom to reroute if I must and provide the wisdom to quickly react in your trust. Please guide me and my abilities to the best I can do and protect all others around me should things go awry.

In Love and Thanksgiving, Amen!

Bible Verse for Truck Drivers

Prayer for Drivers

This is a good prayer for anyone driving any kind of vehicle for their job, not just truckers.

Dear Lord Most High,

I call upon you to guide and protect me while I drive. Look over my shoulder and be my guardian today, no matter come what may. Help me anticipate any potential disasters and keep me on the straightened path so I can return home safely to my family.

It’s because of your unconditional love for me and my family that I am able to do this job to the best of my knowledge and ability. Thank you for all you’ve given and please allow your blessings to continue to overflow in my life.

In Your Name, Amen!

Truck Driver Blessing Prayer

Dear Lord God, as I go out on the road this trip, please bless me and protect me from all harm. Watch over my family, friends and loved ones while I’m gone.


Prayer For Truck Driver’s Safe Driving

Dear Jesus Christ,

Blessed is the name of the Lord, the most Holy One.

I pray to You this day for a truck driver’s safety on the road. Please have them have full control over their vehicle while they are driving it and please keep them safe while they go about their good work.

Keep them safe from tiredness and from accidents. Hold them in your everlasting grace. If there is something wrong with the truck, stop the truck from moving, putting it safely on the side of the road. If someone tries to steal their truck or harm them in any way, let them finally see through all evil and be safe.

In your name, I pray.


You could also include some Bible verses for the weary within the Truck or perhaps in the drivers pocket.

Winter Truck Driver Prayer

Lord, I ask that you’ll place a hedge of protection around me as I make my way down these dangerous roads today. Even though the weather conditions are out of my control, let me trust in your control as well as your judgment. Keep me safe from all harm and danger as I travel, and help those who are encountering danger right now to be able to get home safely.

In Jesus’s name, I pray.


Truck Driver Prayer To St Christopher

Prayer For Truck DriversSt Christopher is the patron saint of travelers and is often prayed to by anyone on the road often.

Dear St Christopher, who has safely brought me to this day, watch me this day as I travel along these roads doing the work that needs to be done. Watch over my shoulder as I start the engine and guide my hands as I turn the wheel. Bring me home safely at the end of this long day.

May your will be mine today. May your love be my reason for living. May your strength be my source of courage. May your blessings surround me and mine today and always.

Keep me from harm and give me the strength to drive well.


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Truck drivers are often on the road for long periods of time and can be away from their families for weeks at a time. These prayers will ask God to watch over them and keep them safe while they’re driving. Whether praying for yourself or for someone else – a short prayer can help keep us all safe on the roads.

Bible Verses and Scripture for Truck Drivers

He will command his angels concerning you to guard you carefully. – Luke 4:10

This verse has particular resonance for truck drivers, who often face long hours on the road and dangerous conditions. Whether it’s a sudden storm or another dangerous driver on the road, there are many risks that truckers face on a daily basis.

But this verse reminds us that God is always watching over us, and we can rest assured that his angels will keep us safe.

Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble. – Proverbs 3:23

For truck drivers (or their families) this verse can be interpreted to mean that God will protect drivers from harm as long as they remain focused on Him.

This verse provides comfort to truckers who may be worried about the dangers of the road. It is a reminder that no matter what challenges they may face, God will always be with them.

This verse also serves as a reminder of the importance of following safety precautions while on the job. Truckers who take the time to put their trust in God and follow safety guidelines are more likely to make it home safely to their families.

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