Protective Prayers Against Witchcraft

Saying a protective prayer against witchcraft asks God to protect you and your loved ones from the work of evil witchcraft.

It has been said that the power of prayer is mighty and can move mountains. As Christians, we know that prayer is one of our most powerful weapons against the enemy and the work of evil and witchcraft to protect you and your loved ones. No harm will befall you and your faith that is shown through these prayers will keep you safe.

Let us pray.


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Prayer Against Witchcraft Directed at Me by an Enemy

Lord, I know that evil is being directed toward me through witchcraft and that you know the source of that intent.

I am reaching out to ask you Lord to intervene and to protect me and mine against that evil intent. I ask Micheal the archangel, your warrior against all evil to join with you in sending back all the malicious intent directed at me.

I do not know why this witchcraft is being used against me Lord but it threatens to overwhelm me and my loved ones.

I need you to stand with me in the face of this evil and to repel it from my door.

Lord, I thank you, Micheal, the archangel, I thank you

For keeping me safe in the face of this threat.


You could also offer this prayer to God in combination with a prayer to remove a curse or a prayer of protection from evil.

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Prayer Against Witchcraft Becoming Powerful

Lord, I know through your teachings that you do not approve of necromancers and sorceries you make it clear in the bible that they will not be tolerated. Yet they are here amongst us and people turn to them for all kinds of help and readings.

Lord, you tell us many times in the bible of your disapproval of sorcerers and mediums in Chronicles we are told about Saul dying when he sought guidance from a medium instead of following God’s commands. It is clear that you disapprove of all of this witchcraft.

Help us Lord to wipe it out of this earth. To stop all such false idolatry.

Show your people that this false worship will not bring the results they want. Help them turn you to instead Lord for you are the font of all knowledge and truths.


Bible Verse Against Witchcraft

Prayer Against Witchcraft Doing Me Harm

Lord God, I know that you are all-powerful and mighty and can prevent all harm befalling me.
I ask that you protect me against witchcraft by making me strong in the face of this evil threat.

I ask that you help me understand that this has no power over me, that my faith in you is strong and undeniable and that you overpower all in your way.

You are above all others, no sorcerer or witch can tamper with your will and no harm can befall me if I believe in you.

You are my spiritual protector and I trust you completely. You will not let any harm come upon me.

Please Lord let me close my eyes and believe this completely so that all fear leaves me.

Lord stop all harm from being aimed at me through any witchcraft which you so clearly abhor, and protect me with all your might.

I trust in you Lord to keep me safe and deny entry to any evildoing into my life.


Witchcraft Bible Verse

Prayer for Strength Against Witchcraft

Lord, it is easy to fall prey to fear of harm through witchcraft especially when threats have been made against you.

I pray that you bring me the strength and wisdom to see this for what it is an empty threat of harm that will not come to pass/

I know I can trust that you let no harm come to me from this empty source and that you will banish all of this bad energy from my life.

Help me Lord to lose all fear of this witchcraft and to understand that when I walk in toys goodness and light I am safe from all negativity and sorcery.

In the bible, you cast sorcerers out and help those who turn to witchcraft to turn toe=wards you instead. Give me that strength lord to walk only in your path and fear no evil.

Bless the house I live in and those around me and keep us safe from harm and string in our faith so that none of this will touch us, Lord.

Grant us wisdom to understand that your goodness will overwhelm all harm directed towards us for you are the one true powerful God.


Scripture to Keep Evil Away

Prayer Against Witchcraft in My Life

Lord, I am afraid that I am surrounded by evil and a malevolence being directed toward me. I fear that someone is using witchcraft to harm me and those I love.

I am asking you through prayer to protect me from this witchcraft that is set to harm me. I am asking that you stand in the path of my enemy and turn the evil wishes away from me.

I know Lord that you care for me and the bible tells me that you care not for those turning to sorcery you know that I do not wish harm to those who wish me harm.

I know that you ask us to turn the other cheek and not to turn to vengeance and I pray for the strength to do this Lord. It is easy to fall into the temptation to wish harm upon those who seek to harm us, but I know that you ask us to turn the other cheek and show them love and understanding,

I ask that you protect me against this witchcraft directed at me to cause me harm and that you soften my heart against those that seek to harm me.

I pray for the salvation of the souls of those who have turned their back on you and have instead resorted to witchcraft and sorcery in their lives. Help them to see the error of their ways Lord and to come back to your teachings.
I know you will protect me from harm and give me the strength not to harden my heart and become vengeful.


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Scripture Against Witchcraft

We have a lot more Bible verses against witchcraft you can use for protection.

“Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse them” Romans 12:14

Prayer Against WitchcraftThis is a good strong message from the bible that we do not seek revenge upon those that wish us harm, rather we call for the lord’s blessing on them. We seek to understand and to help those who would harm us so that the harm is prevented and we show them the way of the Lord.

“So do not listen to your prophets, your diviners, your dreamers, your fortune-tellers, or your sorcerers, who are saying to you, ‘You shall not serve the king of Babylon” Jeremiah 27:9

There is only one true voice we should listen to, the voice of the Lord, not the false voices of those who dabble in witchcraft and promise us insights into our future and our lives.

“Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and let not your heart be glad when he stumbles” Proverbs 24:17

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