7 Divine Prayers for Selling a House

These seven prayers for selling a house ask the Lord for help in all aspects of the process. It takes a lot of courage to sell your home, and selling a house is not an easy task. You can get frustrated or anxious along the way. Let God help you on your journey as you sell a house.

Let us pray.


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Praying for a Real Estate Agent Selling a House

Father, we honor you and we worship your Name in all our days. We are grateful for everything that has come our way. We thank you for helping us decide on selling our house.

We thank you for providing us with a real estate agent who believes in Your blessings and gifts. You have given him skills and wisdom and equipped him with the knowledge to efficiently sell a house. Prepare our house so that it may become a home for the future owner. We ask that you help the real estate agent builds confidence in himself.

Extend his patience and provide him with good strength, so that he may be successful in selling our house. We offer You all our goals and our plans.

In Jesus’ name.


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Praying for the Right Buyer

Our Loving Father, we give you thanks and praises for keeping our family together. Wherever we go, and whatever situation we are at, we know that your grace and your love abound in our midst. As we look for the right buyer for our home, we humbly ask for your guidance and wisdom, for you know what is best for us.

We pray that you will bring us to the right buyer, whom we can trust, who believes in You, and who values the virtue of trust and honesty.

Lord, we know that you will lead us to the specific person who will be the next steward for this home, a blessing that we shall forever cherish in our hearts. May you continue to bless us and help us in our everyday journey.

In Jesus’ name.


Praying for Guidance while Selling a House

Almighty Father, we are grateful that you have blessed us with this home. We thank you for the gift of family, for all the favors you have brought into this household, and for all the memories we shall cherish for a lifetime.

As we decide to sell our house, we ask for courage and strength so that we may overcome the obstacles along the way. We ask for wisdom and guidance to direct us in making the right decisions for this house. We believe Lord, that you are with us all through this life-changing experience. We know Lord that you will provide for us.

In Jesus’ name, we pray.


Prayer for Someone Who Is Selling Their House

Our Heavenly Father, we thank you for all the blessings that you have showered upon us. You have kept Your promise to Your children and remained our source of strength and wisdom.

Lord, we pray that you continually guide our friends who will be selling their houses, especially in this difficult time. We know that it will take a lot of patience and effort to find a good buyer in the housing market, but we know Lord that with You, nothing is impossible.

We believe that You are our only refuge in times of need. Help our friends make the right decisions, accomplish tasks required for selling their home, and lead them to the right people who can help them sell their house in your own time.

We trust you Lord that You will provide for their daily needs and that You will bless them with another home. Thank you, Jesus. In Your name, we pray.


Prayer for Gratitude and Moving Forward after Selling the House

Our dearest Lord, we come here before You to give our highest praises and thanksgiving. You have provided us with so much love and countless favors. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being with us all throughout the process of selling our house.

Without your wisdom and strength, all this would not be possible. We felt your presence and your grace every step of the way. You led us to people, real estate agents, and buyers, who became instruments of your blessing.

Father, grant us peace and enlighten our hearts and our minds as we move to another place, which will be our next home. Let that household be a place of worship, one that will honor and glorify Your name. Let us, Your children, grow in faith and love, as we start another chapter as a family that remains sheltered in Your arms.

May our next household prosper and flourish in Your presence. This we ask in Your Most Holy Name.


Prayer for Selling a House Faster

Dearest Almighty Father, we thank you for every opportunity that You have blessed us with. Without You, we are incomplete. Lord Jesus, we continue to pray for our journey as we sell our home.

We know that You are aware of our needs, especially in this difficult time. We pray that we can quickly find a buyer for our house. Please guide our real estate agent so that all the transactions needed to be done will go smoothly. Grant us wisdom in making the right decisions and continue to direct our path.

In Jesus’ Name.


Bible Verse for Financial Help

Surrendering the House Sale in God’s Hands

Heavenly Father, we offer You our hearts. We trust you in all our struggles in life. We believe in Your miraculous ways and Your purpose for our lives. Lord, as we sell our home, we surrender it all to You.

At times Lord, we are having difficulty selling our home, we are sometimes frustrated in the process and we become impatient because of the stagnant market, but we know Lord that in Your own perfect time, You will reveal Your blessing and we no longer have to struggle in fear and anxiety.

Lord, You alone are enough to supply our needs. You know the longings of our hearts. Grant us peace, that we remain joyful despite the hardship. Thank you, Father, for listening to our prayer.

In Jesus’ name.


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