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6 Thoughtful Prayers for Someone Dying of Cancer

Prayers for Someone Dying of Cancer

Cancer is a heartbreaking disease. It affects our lives in so many ways. The person who is ill is far from the only one affected, and the effects can last for years. As you offer these prayers for someone dying of cancer, remember that God loves you and hears your prayers. Peace may not be … Read more

6 Helpful Prayers for Church Leadership

Prayers for Church Leadership

Our church leaders do so much to help their community. They donate to those in need. They offer a shoulder to cry on. They prepare sermons and lessons to guide us. As you pray for everyone else in your community, do not forget to pray for the ecclesiastical leaders in your life. As we offer … Read more

9 Powerful Prayers for Angel Protection

Powerful Angel Protection Prayers

Life’s challenges, tests and tribulations deliver heavy, worrisome burdens and these prayers for angel protection can help bring safety and peace of mind. During those darker times, we need a light to show us the way and keep us aligned with God’s grand plan. Praying to Angels can give us a boost when we most … Read more

8 Short Prayers for Cancer Patients

Prayers for Cancer Patients

Any disease is never easy. Cancer is particularly difficult to process because it can linger for years or quickly take someone you care about. These short prayers for cancer patients ask the Lord for help, healing and guidance in these difficult times. Turning to God can offer comfort, peace, and healing during the turbulent times … Read more

7 Communion Prayers in the Bible

Communion Prayers in the Bible

These 7 communion prayers in the bible will lead you into a prayerful and thoughtful meditation of the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Communion is a wonderful opportunity for God’s children to remember the selfless sacrifice of our Savior and Lord. Receiving the elements with a prayerful heart makes it all meaningful. Let us … Read more

Bible Verses for Protection Against Witchcraft

Bible Verses for Protection Against Witchcraft

The Bible is explicit about witchcraft and what happens to those who cast spells, sorcery and necromancy. God, through Christ, protects true believers from such wickedness. But we live in a world where Satan pervades in subtle and sneaky ways. With all that’s put before us on a daily basis, it is easy to find … Read more

7 Short Prayers for a Sick Friend

Short Prayers for a Sick Friend

These 7 short prayers for a sick friend will lead you into fervent supplication for those who are suffering from illness. Indeed, physical ailments can weaken not just the body but also the mind and heart. Besides supporting your friend with words of encouragement, you can lift his/her spirit up to the Lord as you … Read more

7 Earnest Daughter’s Prayers for Her Mother

Daughter's Prayers for Her Mother

Motherhood is highly fulfilling, but it can be challenging at times. Besides helping her by doing household chores, we can do a lot for our mothers by praying for them. Let these 7 daughter’s prayers for her mother guide you as you earnestly pour out your heart to God on behalf of your mom. Let … Read more

7 Passionate Prayers for Teenage Sons

Prayers for Teenage Sons

A son’s teenage years can be tricky to navigate. To your son who is full of energy and creativity, life presents a lot of options. And it is so easy to get distracted or become misled. Besides guiding your son with words of wisdom and acts of support, seek God’s intervention and direction through personal … Read more

6 Humble Prayers for Healing After Surgery

Prayers for Healing After Surgery

Surgery is an exhausting procedure. It is coupled with a long recovery process and often a weakness in the mind and body as the body repairs itself. If you involve God in your healing process, it will become easier to regain your fortitude As you seek to invite God and His power into your healing … Read more

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