3 Best Prayers for Homeschooling

Prayers for Your Homeschooling

Starting homeschooling can be tough, but having a solid support system makes all the difference. And what better support is there than the power of prayer? These prayers for homeschooling help to support both teacher and child. We’ll check out inspiring words and feelings that will guide you and your family on this special learning journey. These … Read more

5 Hallowed Prayers for Somebody Who Died Suddenly

Prayers for Somebody Who Died Suddenly

In times of loss, there will always be pain, sadness, and grief among those who have lost their loved ones. We cannot truly change the fact that there is the existence of life and death, especially when death is indeed inevitable. We thank You for the time we had with our loved ones, and for … Read more

7 Blessed Prayers for Healing Childhood Trauma

Prayers for Healing Childhood Trauma

Healing can be difficult and a serious emotional process, but with God, it is possible to find peace and healing with time, support, and self-care. And now, we’re here to pray for it, whatever Your experiences are. God is always there watching over us, and His promises never fail. His love never fails. His mercy … Read more

7 Hallowed Prayers for Your Children

Prayers for Your Children

God truly loves children; they are one of the most precious gifts that God has given to every parent in the world! How do you imagine your children moving and growing in the ways of God? When the disciples came to Jesus saying, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called forward … Read more

6 Miracle Prayers for The Impossible

Miracle Prayers for The Impossible

There are certain times that we see things so unclear. We mostly rely on what our five senses can do, like feel, see, touch, hear or even taste, and these experiences are what we mostly rely on as proof that something exists or happens. But what if something is just really so impossible that only … Read more

8 Simple Short Prayers for Kids

Simple Short Prayers for Kids

Jesus loved kids. He wants kids to approach Him freely and with an open heart. We should teach our children how to say prayers for kids so that they can forge a deeper relationship with Jesus, even at a young age. In the book of Proverbs, it is written that we should train up a … Read more

8 Angelic Prayers for Not Worrying

Prayers for Not Worrying

A person with little faith will have a lot to worry about. If you find yourself or someone you know worrying a lot, start with a prayer to stop worrying and then work to build up your faith. Because you will find that in this life, there is a lot to be anxious about. Starting … Read more

7 Powerful Prayers for Victory Over Enemies

Prayers for Victory Over Enemies

As much as you’d like to be at peace with all men, there will be times of conflict and times when you absolutely must win. During these times, we must be like David and say a prayer for victory over enemies. You can expect victory if You’re fighting for God’s purpose. Fortunately, unless you’re at … Read more

6 Sacrosanct Healing Prayers for A Loved One

Healing Prayers for A Loved One

When a loved one is terribly sick, it affects the entire family. Everyone will be anxious and distressed. If the mood is dark and things seem hopeless, Christians ought to take this as an opportunity to lead the family toward God with a healing prayer for a loved one. He is Jehovah Rapha – the … Read more

6 Divine Prayers for Money Problems

Prayers for Money Problems

There is a master that can consume your attention and lead you away into spending time with the Lord and your family. That is money – especially the lack of it. It’s a big problem that can consume a person but know that God owns everything, and He can easily wipe away your concerns if … Read more

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