5 Angelic Prayers For Conception

Prayers For Conception

Having children is a huge gift, blessing, and responsibility. It helps families grow and it brings more souls into the world. Parents must raise their children with righteous principles, and there is a great reward for doing so. These prayers for conception will invite the Lord to bless you with a child and enrich your … Read more

7 Sacrosanct Prayers For Impossible Situations

Prayers For Impossible Situations

When we are faced with insurmountable odds and enemies who would work against us, these prayers for impossible situations call upon the Lord to act through us and work in our favor. The Bible tells us that nothing is impossible for true believers and there is no such thing as impossible situations for a Christian. Luke 1:37 … Read more

6 Devout Prayers For Prosperity

Prayers For Prosperity

The Bible tells us that true Christians will have their needs supplied. By putting our trust and faith in the Lord through these prayers for prosperity we call upon him to bless us in our time of need. And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. … Read more

55 Special Bible Verses For Living For God

Bible Verses For Living For God

As Christians, we know that we have a true calling. A path that takes us further. We know this because the word of God tells us that judgment day is coming and these Bible verses for living for God guide us forward and teach us how to live a life that is well and true in His … Read more

38 Blessed Bible Verses For Unbelievers

Bible Verses For Unbelievers

Your words are more powerful than you know. The words of a true believer have the ability to shape the destiny of another on Earth and these Bible verses for unbelievers helps us to shine the light for those who do not yet see the truth and love of God. The Lord gives us these words … Read more

6 Pious Prayers For Removing Obstacles

Prayer To Remove Obstacles

Join me in a prayer for removing and overcoming obstacles from your path and allowing the strength of the Lord to enter your life and guide you on your path forward. The word of God tells true Christians that we will face obstacles on our path. Just because things don’t always go the way we … Read more

8 Pious Bible Verses For Monday Morning

Bible Verses For Monday Morning

These Bible verses for Monday morning remind us of God’s goodness and faithfulness even on the most difficult of days. As we embark on a new week, let us be encouraged by Scripture and empowered by the Lord to face whatever challenges come our way. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” … Read more

41 Faithful Bible Verses For Tiredness

Bible Verses For Tiredness

When you are tired and struggling, these Bible verses for tiredness can lift you from your struggles and remind you that God is always with you. In times of struggle and hardship, God’s Word can be a source of comfort and strength. Allow His divine teachings to renew your strength and fill you with hope … Read more

25 Faithful Bible Verses For Feeling Worthless

Bible Verses For Feeling Worthless

If you (or someone you know) are struggling with feelings of feeling worthless then these Bible verses can remind us that God is always there for us and sometimes all we need to do is to ask for His help. Our day-to-day lives can sometimes hide our true value from us. We can become distracted … Read more

31 Hallowed Bible Verses For Breakups

Bible Verses For Breakups

The Lord God watches over us in our toughest times and these Bible verses for breakups remind us that no matter what we are going through, His love for us is everlasting. Heartbreak can leave us feeling hopeless but God doesn’t forget us. The Bible tells us that He is always with us, especially in … Read more