7 Earnest Prayers for My Husband to Love Me Again

These prayers for my husband to love me again asks the Lord to bring him back to your arms. In challenging moments, the husband and wife can find it difficult to keep loving. Seeking God’s intervention through prayer is important.

Let us pray.


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A Prayer for Forgiveness From My Husband

Faithful God, I pray that You would nurture a forgiving spirit in my husband. I am not perfect and neither is he.

Please let him see that I’m doing the best I can to correct my mistakes in this relationship. I pray that he would forgive me for the hurtful words I’ve said in anger. I pray that you would heal him from the pain I’ve caused him with my unloving actions.

God of second chances, please touch my husband’s heart that he may forgive me once more. I pray that You will pour out your love upon his life. May he draw strength from Your forgiving heart so he can love me without resentment and bitterness.


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A Prayer for Better Communication With My Husband

Wise Father, I pray for better communication between my husband and me.

Give us both wisdom so we can talk our problems through. Give him boldness that he may speak with me in all honesty.

Teach him to listen to reason and be open to helpful discussions about our marriage. I pray that my husband will choose to confide in me instead of others. Move him to talk with me first before sharing his struggles and even complaints about our marriage with others.

I pray that both of us will have more meaningful conversations that deepen our love for each other. Help us to please You with our words. Help us to be more temperate and thoughtful. May we both learn to be better listeners and gentle talkers.


A Prayer for Intimacy With My Husband

Dear Lord, I pray for deeper intimacy in my marriage. Restore my husband’s desire for my companionship and love.

Work and parental obligations have kept us busy. We’ve been leading separate lives most of the time. I pray that You would break this pattern. Help us work through our schedules and prioritize time with one another. Please speak to my husband about making time for me. Move him to love me again and to spend more time with me.

Renew his interest in me, oh Lord, and help me make changes in my life and appearance that will encourage that. May he see and desire my beauty once more. May we both enjoy the pleasures of our marriage. Help us be more intimate physically, mentally, and spiritually.


Scripture for Your Husband to Love You Again

A Prayer for Love From My Husband

God of love, please help my marriage to be more loving. Bless my husband with love for me again. Strengthen his feelings and commitment to remain devoted to me.

Remove whatever it is that’s keeping him from showing feelings of love and affection to me. Deal with his fears, shame, and hesitations. Free him to express his love for me and our marriage. Show me ways I can encourage more of His love to show. Help me do my part in making him feel comfortable and safe in our marriage.

Give me the wisdom to know what to say and do so love can grow deeper between us. All-knowing God, help me to show love for my husband the way he needs me to. May he find satisfaction and contentment in my love for him.

Let me learn the many ways I can assure him of my love. And may his love for me grow deeper because of that.


A Prayer for Deep Friendship With My Husband

Caring Father, bless my marriage with deep friendship. Help my husband to love and value our relationship more than anything on this earth. Show us ways to become the best of lovers and best of friends at the same time.

Help us become a couple that stays together not just because we are married but because we care for each other deeply. Let us realize that if there’s no strong love and bond between us, married life will be more challenging. Help us understand that marriage is not just about work and raising kids. Bless us with more fun times together.

Enable us to start dating again, to enjoy each other’s company exclusively. Help us rediscover the joys of companionship. And may we prioritize each other’s needs and interests above all.


A Prayer for Reconciliation With my Husband

Merciful God, restore my marriage. Work in my husband’s heart. Open his heart to love me again. Soften his heart that he may reconcile with me. Let him see past our present conflicts and nurture in him a will to persevere in times of difficulties.

Father, may he see that we are together in this marriage. We can make this work. Our marriage can become the best it can be under Your loving care and support. God of countless chances, open my husband’s eyes.

Move him to uphold his vow to love me. Give him the willingness to give our marriage another chance.  Let him see you at work in our marriage. Cause my husband to trust You to see our marriage through.


Bible Verse for Your Husband to Love You Again

A Prayer for Faithfulness

God of hope, I pray for Your hand on my husband. I admit that things are not going well in our marriage. We’ve been busy taking care of so many things. Differences in our personalities cause friction every time we’re together.

There’s a wedge that’s widening the distance between us and I don’t feel my husband’s love for me anymore. Father God, intervene in our marriage. Save it from divorce. Cause my husband to love me again in spite of our differences. Let love be the driving factor in all we do for this marriage, not obligations.

Keep his eyes and affections on me, oh God. Protect him from temptations at work and in his social circles. Don’t let the enemy take advantage of our situation and trick my husband into finding relief and distraction from another woman.

Lord, have mercy. Keep him faithful to me.


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A Prayer for Love From My Husband

Bible Verses and Scripture for Your Husband to Love You Again

Do everything in love. – Corinthians 16:14

Corinthians 16:14 instructs Christians to do everything in love. In the context of marriage, this means that we should always seek to show our spouse love and respect, even when we disagree.

Doing everything in love does not mean that we will always agree or that our marriage will be perfect. However, it does mean that we are committed to working through conflicts and always seeking what is best for our spouse.

When we approach our marriage with a heart of love, we can open the door to a deeper level of intimacy and connection. We can also create a stronger foundation upon which to weather the storms of life. Ultimately, doing everything in love is an act of faith and obedience.

Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. – Romans 12:9

A lot of times in marriages, one or both partners may feel like they’ve fallen out of love. It’s why we have collections like prayers for the forgiveness of adultery or prayers for marriage restoration.

If you’re a Christian, it’s important to remember that love must be sincere. It’s also important to hate what is evil. This doesn’t mean that you should hate your husband, but rather that you should despise the things that are causing tension and conflict in your marriage.

If there are things that your husband does that you dislike, try to focus on the good qualities that you still see in him. Lastly, cling to what is good. This means that you should hold onto the positive aspects of your relationship and cherish the happy memories that you both share.

Times of strain in a relationship is normal. With respect for each other and the love of God, the Lord can bring you both back to a closer place than you’ve ever been.

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