Blessed Prayer for Healing

When you offer up a prayer for healing, you are asking God to pay attention to the healing that is needed in a time of suffering.

This healing can be physical and or emotional. This prayer will help you ask for the strength you need through suffering and for health and well-being.

Let us pray.

A Prayer to Ask For Healing

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Lord God, I am hoping that you listen to my prayer for healing that I offer today.

I am prepared to repeat this prayer to you each day of my suffering so that you understand the depth of my need.

I am humbly kneeling before you now to beseech you with help in healing my spirit and my body.

In your infinite goodness, you sent your son Jesus to walk amongst us.

He healed the lame, cured the sick and blessed the lepers so that they were rid of the disease.

Jesus healed without judgment, he helped beggars and thieves, he brought healing to all those he touched.

Bring me the care you have shown to others. Help me find my path to healing, and the strength to let healing into my body.

Lord God, you are full of forgiveness and the fount of all strength. Please hear me now as I pray to you in my despair, suffering and hour of need.

Healing is hard, both physically and mentally. It requires strength from those in pain and their families who watch their suffering and try to help them through it.

Lord bring me some of that strength as I try to cope with my illness and infirmity. Bring strength too to my family as they give me the support I need.

It is not always easy to let healing in. It is not always easy to find the internal strength to even contemplate getting better. I want to move on from this pain and suffering but it is hard to even imagine being well again.

When we are low, we need your guidance and love even more Lord. We need your forgiveness and care in the same way that those forgotten souls with leprosy and beggars on the streets needed you.

Lord, at times there is simply no one else who notices us, Lord.

It is here and now that I need you, Lord God, to guide me and allow me to lean on you. At times I may need you to carry me through this pain and suffering into healing and redemption.

You indeed do carry us Lord. When we think about our lives as a walk along the sand, we look back and see footprints in the sand. Most of the time there are two sets of footprints where you walk beside us Lord. 

I also believe that at times when you lift us in your arms and carry us for a while there is only one set of prints and these are yours Lord, where your load is heavy, and you have carried us to safety.

I know you have carried me in the past Lord. You have been there in the past for me even when I have not asked it of you.

And there may have been times when I have not noticed your love or thanked you for your intervention in my life bringing me blessings I have not sought.

I thank you now for those times and praise your love for me and mankind.

Please help me now Lord, lift me, your suffering child and carry the load a little in your strong and loving arms, until my pain eases and healing begins.

You are forever present in my heart. I pray to you daily to give you thanks and to give you praise for entering my life and bringing me to your love. 

I am asking you with this prayer for my healing to look upon me as part of your faithful flock, to take me to a place of safety and freedom from pain and disease.

Lord, I pray that you take my hand and help me through this place in my life. Bring me healing and bring me your love so strongly in my soul so that I am warmed by your care and it eases my burden.

I try to keep your commandments to praise you for your light and love you bring to the world.I try to shine your light where I can Lord.

When you help me in my hour of need, I feel I can share the hope and health you bring to my heart with others.

Lord God when Jesus walked here in Jerusalem, he shared all of himself with us and gave his life in suffering to save us from ourselves and to show us what we can offer up to God as atonement for our sins before him.

I have been in pain and through troubles and I offer my suffering as a sacrificial gift to you Lord. You know that I have accepted this life and the pain within it. Help me now to find peace and healing so that I can move freely and do your will.

I am beseeching thee oh Lord to see my pain and to take it from me, to restore me to you in health and goodness.

We are told in the psalms that ‘God heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds’.

You heal our spirits as you heal our bodies, you understand the misery of pain and suffering and the toll it takes on us.

Hear this prayer to you Lord God Almighty, hear me ask in these simple words to bring me to your love through healing.

Let my pain end and heart be full of ease so that I am filled with your love and blessings and they spill forth from me onto others.

I ask you this most humbly knowing that you will look kindly from on high upon your lowly shepherd and understand my needs and bring out of this place of pain.

Let me rest just now in your arms gently being taken to a place of healing and care. Let my troubles fall from my shoulders and my pain leave.

I ask you this favor Lord and promise in return to love you and praise you even more.  I have faith in you Lord, a prayer that comes from faith will heal the sick says James and restore them to health. 

Hear my plea and bring me back to health and happiness. 

I will give you thanks for this grace you bestow upon me. I will dutifully remember to pray to you daily knowing that you are ever-present and listening to my words as I give you thanks and praise Lord.

I ask you in this moment to walk hand in hand with me and lift me out of pain and misery and back to peace and health if you see fit.

You are all bountiful and grace my lord You bring justice and kindness where there is pain and suffering, you bring understanding and warmth where there is misery.

Listen to this prayer for healing I offer you and help bring me the healing I so desperately need. 

This is my hour of need oh Lord, be there for me as you promise you will be, and I will cling to your love and honor your spirit forever.

Please hear this prayer. 


Scripture for Healing

bible verse for healing

“Surely he took up our pain and bore our suffering, yet we considered him punished by God, stricken by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on him, and by his wounds we are healed” 

Isaiah 53:4-5


“Jesus went through Galilee, teaching in their synagogues proclaiming good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people”

Matthew 4:23


“Heal me O Lord, I shall be healed,save me and I shall be saved,for you are my praise”

Jeremiah 14:27

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