Divine Prayer to Archangel Michael for Financial Help

Whether in a difficult situation or not, this is where every ounce of your faith is tested. Prayer isn’t just done when everything is going right, but it’s also done when you need help from up above. If you’re going through financial struggles, this is where you need to surrender to prayer even more and have faith in what’s to come.

While the financial struggle is never easy, it’s something everyone goes through at some point in their lives. This is where you need to run to God and to Archangel Michael with your heart’s burden.

Offering a prayer to Archangel Michael for financial help could change your life sooner than you might expect.

Let us pray.


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These two longer prayers were shared with our YouTube congregation. If you want some shorter and easier prayers we have collections of prayers for a financial miracle or a prayer for financial help and stability.

Archangel Michael Financial Prayer


I’m running to you and to Archangel Michael with everything in me to surrender all my financial struggles to you. I’m having a hard time coping and this is beyond my control. The more I try to control my financial situation, the more I end up frustrated and hurt. I know You are the one really in control and I choose to give all my burdens and frustrations to You. I often ask myself lately when to pray for financial help and the truth of the matter is I should’ve come to You a long time ago. I pray for nothing but the provision, guidance, and a financial breakthrough in my life. I know You plan great things for me and my future, and only You can grant financial miracles in my life. I pray for success, ambition, and a bright future ahead of me and my family.

Even through these difficult times, may You give me a resilient and courageous heart to keep waking up each day with hope and drive towards financial stability. May you give me the peace and strength I need to be stronger than the anxieties and worries that come with my financial struggles. With this prayer to Archangel Michael for financial help, may You fill me with a new perspective on life and on dealing with my finances.

With my career, may You help me find a job that’s full of stability and security so I’ll be able to provide for my family. I find myself struggling with my faith during this financial situation and I pray that You watch over me through it all. I may not have all the answers during this frustrating season, but I have You to run to and that’s more than enough. In the days to come, bless me with the right mindset to lead me towards success and financial stability. I know that success is something You work for alongside this prayer so I pray that You guide me towards my purpose in life. Alongside financial stability, I pray to You to help me find the career I’m meant for something that will lead me towards abundance and financial stability. Most importantly, I pray You to bless me with finances so that I’m capable of giving back more to those who truly need it more than I do.


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Financial Prayer to Archangel Michael


I often ask myself when to pray for financial help and it feels like a good time as any to come to You and cry out my burdens and sorrows. You know everything about me, including the very things I’ve tried to hide from You. No matter how much I try to hide my shame and guilt in my financial struggles, You see right through me. This prayer is an act of humbleness and humility as I need a breakthrough and a miracle in my finances. It’s been so frustrating lately, struggling with finances- something I never thought I’d be struggling with. I used to think that if you work hard with passion and integrity, finances weren’t something you’d struggle with. However, my situation proved me wrong in that way of thinking.

I pray for a breakthrough in my financial situation because even if this kind of struggle is normal, it’s not something easy to deal with. Let this prayer be an intimate and vulnerable way of talking to You- of letting my struggles and pain be known. Despite the confusion and uncertainty of everything, I give all of those to You as I know You’re the only one in control of everything. Even as my financial struggles are breaking my heart, I surrender everything to You with every ounce of my heart. I trust You to give me provision and abundance when Your timing is right, whenever that may be. I believe in Your timing and I know that even something as simple as the financial struggle is not something to be rushed. No matter what your plan and purpose are in my life, I will lean towards that.

Bible Verse for Winning Big Money

Lastly, I pray for guidance and support in my career and professional life. I know that the way towards financial stability is through your blessing in my career. In the workplace, may you guide me to a field that I’ll thrive in and that I have passion for. Provide me with a career field that will give me financial stability and security so that I can provide for my loved ones properly. Guide me towards a life of financial stability so that through You, I can show others what it’s like to live a life full of faith and hope. Even in a season of confusion, I choose to put all my trust that You will provide me with all my needs, despite my financial struggle.

You are the God of breakthroughs and miracles. Through Your word, I’ve seen you work the grandest of miracles and I have full confidence that the same goes for my financial struggle. There’s nothing You wouldn’t do for the people that praise and worship You and through this prayer, may You see this as my attempt of reaching out to You. Through my faith, no matter how minimal my faith may seem, may You see this as a cry for help in my finances. Thank You for everything that You do in my life and I’m eternally grateful for the blessings in my life.


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