6 Healing Prayers for a Sick Child to Get Well

It can be a stressful and tough time for any parent or guardian whose child becomes sick and hospitalized. Children are among the most wonderful miracles God has blessed each parent with, and the thought of them being unwell may cause parents to lose strength.

Prayers can bring miracles to hasten healing and recovery. God has the power to completely heal a child from sickness. Here are six divine prayers for a sick child to get well.

Let us pray.

You might also want to offer up a prayer for your children’s protection or, if this is not your child, we have prayers for a friend’s sick child.


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Prayer to Heal from an Illness

Dearest Father, You are the God that heals. You have the power to remove all suffering, pain, and illness. Thank You, Father, for the gift of life and healing. Lord, we come to You to worship even in our darkest hours. We ask for Your divine power to heal our child’s illness. We believe in Your miraculous ways, Lord. Nothing can compare to the greatness of Your love and mercy.

We ask for strength, Father, and comfort in this difficult time. Be with our child and guard him with Your angels. We pray that he regains his health and recover fast. May he grow to become an instrument of Your love and hope. Guard his future, Lord, and let all that he is going through remain temporary. Be at his side, especially if he is admitted to the hospital.

Forgive us, Father, when sometimes, we are overcome by worries and fear. We lose our strength because of the burden this illness has brought to our lives. We ask for forgiveness, when we are consumed by frustration because we cannot provide relief to our child’s pain.

We surrender to You all our worries, Father, and we offer You our child’s illness. This will not keep us from believing in Your ways. We know that You have a plan for our child and our family. We will not drown in fear, but we shall rejoice because You are working Your miracle in our lives. We give You our highest praises, Father, and all things shall fall into place in Your own time.

This we ask,


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Prayer for Comfort During an Illness

Dearest Lord Jesus, You are our source of strength and courage. In Your presence, we shall overcome any obstacle or any sickness in our family.

Lord, our child has been unwell and is now admitted to the hospital for a while now. We are worried about our child’s health and we have exhausted all means to provide for his labs and medication. Father, we are also losing strength as parents, because we are saddened by our child’s condition. But, Lord, we will not lose hope and we will not give up, because we believe in Your unfailing grace.

We ask for comfort, Father, during this time. Comfort our child that he won’t feel so much pain and suffering. Comfort us, Lord, so that we can regain our strength to fight another day. Be with us, Lord, no matter what happens. We believe in Your healing hands, Lord.

In Jesus’ Name,


Bible Verse for Sick Child

Prayer for Restoration of Health of a Child

Heavenly Father, we are grateful for Your presence in our household. We thank You for the gift of family. You have blessed us with such a smart and cheerful child. You have given us the best gift we could ever have. But, Lord, we need Your help in this tough and stressful time.

We pray for the restoration of our child’s health. He has been weak and unwell, and he needs Your comfort and strength. Lord, we believe in Your miraculous power. May our child’s health be renewed. We rebuke all sickness and suffering. Thank You, Lord, for being our source of hope. We believe in our child’s healing and recovery.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name,


Prayer for the Doctors Attending to the Sick Child

Dearest Lord, You are our rock and fortress in all our battles. In You, we find healing and peace. Lord, we come before You today, to ask for Your healing hand over our child who is admitted to the hospital due to a serious illness. Father, we pray that the doctors would become Your instruments of love and healing.

Give them the wisdom and guidance to discern and provide the best care for our children. Provide them with clarity in their minds so they can manage our child well. Thank You for giving us the right people to help us. You have revealed Your miraculous works, Father, through the doctors and nurses that are taking care of our child.

We trust You, Lord, for You know what is best for us.

This we ask, in Your Most Holy Name,


Scripture for Sick Child

Prayer for Healing and Protection

Heavenly Father, we call upon Your Name. Hear our prayer.  You are the God of miracles. No sickness can withstand the greatness of Your divine healing power.

Lord, we surrender to You our child’s sickness. It may have weakened our child, but we believe that You can renew and restore his health because Your ways are awesome and miraculous. We pray for our child’s healing and protection. Please take away the illness that has been causing him pain and weakness. Cover our child with Your grace and divine protection so that he may overcome whatever he is going through.

Thank You, Father, for listening to our hearts. May our child, our bundle of joy, get well really soon.

This we ask, in Jesus’ Name,


Prayer for Gratitude for Sick Child Being Cured

Almighty Father, we praise Your Name and lift You high, for You have brought healing to our sick child. We are grateful for this brand new day to worship You and give You praise. You have restored our child’s strength and health.

Thank You, Father, for not leaving his side. You have been so gracious to our family. You comforted us in this time of difficulty. Father, may our child grow to become a vessel of Your love. May he remain strong and healthy. We trust You, Lord, for your purpose in his life.

This we pray,


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