6 Spiritual Prayers for Court Case Dismissed

Even those with love in their heart make mistakes along the way but the Lord always knows the truth. These 6 prayers for court case dismissed ask God to step in.

Let us pray.


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Praying For A Miracle On Court Day

Almighty Father, I reach out to you on this day of hardships. By honor and worship of your name, I am able to find strength in my toughest times. You have provided me with the spirit to get through anything and for that, I am always grateful to you.

Before me comes the day of trial, where I will be judged for my actions. You have blessed me with the skills and wisdom to make good choices and on this one occasion, I have failed you. I ask you to look within my heart and see that the actions that I am being judged on do not represent the person I have become. For you have always been by my side, please help guide me through this challenging time.

I pray to you for a miracle in hopes of having my court case dismissed. Forever, I will be sorry for the actions that brought me here today.

In your name and honor, Amen.

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Prayer To Have A Loved One’s Court Case Dismissed

Thou Father, thank you for everything you have blessed my family with. I give you many praises for keeping my family together throughout every storm. Through every situation we encounter, I know you are by our side guiding us along the way.

Today I speak to you on behalf of my loved one. On the date of trial, they go before a judge for the actions they are being accused of. I ask for you to have mercy on them as these actions do not speak for the person I know.

My heart tells me that they are innocent, which is why I pray to your heavenly father for help to have their court case dismissed. You have provided them with the wisdom and courage to make the right choices. We are forever grateful for that blessing.

Peace and love my Lord, Amen.

Prayer To Have a Court Case Dismissed

Prayers And Guidance For An Early Court Case Dismissal

Almighty Father, I shall always be grateful that you have blessed me with this beautiful life. Thanks to the gifts and guidance you have brought me over the years I have found strength through every situation. You have provided my family with many blessings and we know that you are by our side through every situation.

On the date of trial, my fate will be determined by a judge in the court of law. I ask you for guidance over the upcoming weeks in help with making the right decisions to lead to an early court case dismissal.

In my heart, I know you believe this upcoming trial does not speak for the person I have become. I believe we can work together for an early dismissal. Thank you my lord for all of your blessings and for being by my side through this situation.

In your name and honor, Amen.

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A Divine Prayer To Have Your Court Case Dismissed

Dear Father, you have always been by my side to provide guidance through every situation. For that, I am eternally beholden. You have provided my family with good health, happiness, and fortune which we are grateful for every minute of the day. You are our source of strength for every challenge we face.

Through prayers and only good intentions, I ask of you on this today for guidance to have my court case dismissed. My deepest regrets will always follow me for the actions that brought me here today. You have given me the wisdom to make better choices than I made in the past.

For eternity, I hold the honor to your name as I approach every action made. Please be there by my side throughout the days moving forward to the trial.

Faith and love, Amen.

Praying To Find Peace In The Judge’s Heart

Heavenly Father, thank you for the many peaceful blessings you have provided my loved ones with. We will eternally be appreciative of all the strength and wisdom we receive from you daily. Your spirit has allowed many to find peace in their hearts. I pray to you today for help in finding peace within the judge’s heart.

On the date of trial, I speak before the judge to find out the verdict of my case. Through your guidance, my heart remains pure with only good intentions. I ask for you to help the judge see this in their heart. May your blessings show the judge and jury of my good intentions.

Through prayers may the Lord help find a way to have my court case dismissed.

Thank you, Lord, for everything you have provided us with, Amen.

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Prayer To Have Your Spouse’s Court Case Dismissed

My Lord and Savior, I pray to you on this very day for guidance in my spouse’s upcoming court case. You have provided them with the courage to face any situation with grace. In my heart, I believe they are innocent and I ask for your help in showing the judge and jury of this.

You have provided us with so much to be grateful for, but today we need your help.

Thank you, my Lord, Amen.

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Bible Verses and Psalms to Win a Court Case

O God who declares me innocent. Take away my distress. Have mercy on me and hear my prayer – Psalm 4:1

For the Christian, winning a court case is not simply about being declared innocent. It is also about having the opportunity to declare one’s faith and to proclaim God’s righteousness.

As Psalm 4:1 says, we must first ask God to take away our distress. Only then can we hope to be heard by Him. We must also ask for His mercy, knowing that only through His grace can we hope to be saved. Finally, we must pray for the strength to continue proclaiming our innocence, even in the face of adversity.

We might offer a prayer for justice or a more specific prayer for a good outcome in court but as long as we have God with us we can’t be found guilty.

O God, take up my cause! Defend me against these ungodly people. Rescue me from these unjust liars. – Psalm 43:1

Psalm 43 is an imprecatory psalm, meaning it is a prayer for God to take action against the speaker’s enemies. Like saying a prayer for the truth to be revealed when someone is lying about you.

In this case, the speaker pleads with God to defend them against unjust people who have lied about them. The speaker asks God to rescue them from these people and give them justice in their court cases. This bible verse is a reminder that we should always seek justice and fairness, and that we should turn to God in our time of need.

It is also a reminder that God is always on the side of those who are wronged, and that He will ultimately give them victory.

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