7 Fast Prayers for Demons to Leave Your Home

These prayers for demons to leave your home ask the Lord to bless and protect your home and drive evil spirits from the darkness. Reach out and pray to God to watch over you and your household and expel any demons or bad spirits that are trying to do you and your family harm.

In God’s shadow, we walk together to remove evil from the world.

Let us pray.


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Prayers for the Devil to Leave Your Home

1. Oh Holy Father in Heaven, I seek your protection and safety. My family and I pray that you will banish the Devil from our home. He lingers in the shadows, I can feel him in my heart and soul as I try to raise my family in our house in your name.

The Devil is here in our house Dear Lord, and I pray that you will protect my family by casting him out and back into Hell. His attempts to lead us all down a dark path of evil have failed, but I worry he will bring harm to my children as they sleep.

Please, God, rise up as you have done before and remove the evil Devil from my house.

God, in the name of Jesus Christ, I have renounced all evil ties that I have had in my life so that I can walk in your light and on your holy path. I fear that although I now am free of harmful temptation, the Devil is in my house, haunting me, tempting me, and trying to make me succumb to his evil ways.

I pray that you give me strength over Satan’s power so that he has no control over my soul. I pray that you command the Devil to leave my home and protect me from his daily temptations.

His presence in my house is a harmful temptation to me, and I need your strength to cast him back to Hell. Please, Holy Father, I need you to protect me from the Devil in my own house.


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Prayers for Bad Spirits to Leave Your Home

Dear Lord, I am grateful to you for watching over me and my family and for providing us with the means to live in our house. It has been your will to see us living in his house, and I am blessed to have you in our lives to guide us.

I trust in your path God, but I am worried and anxious about the evil presence I feel in our home. I believe that the house has bad spirits present that seek to harm me and my family. I pray to you, Dear Lord, that you will protect my family and cast out these bad spirits so that they cannot return to our home.

I pray that you send a legion of angels from Heaven to watch over us and save us from evil.

Oh Heavenly Father, watch over me and my family as we start this new chapter in our lives as a family in our house. I ask that you bless my family with good health and fortune, and cast out any harmful and demonic spirits that may linger in our home.

I feel an evil presence when I am in the house, and I pray that you will unleash your holy spirit on the bad demon that resides in our house. Bring your light into our home so that you can guide us along your path and keep us safe from any demons or bad spirits that seek to do us harm or tempt us. I pray that you will protect us from the bad spirits that are in our house.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Prayer for demons to Leave Your Home

A Prayer for a Demon to Leave Your Bedroom

Oh, Dear Lord, I pray that you will watch over me and always guide me as I walk your path. I am your humble servant, and I live to spread your love to the world.

Please, God, I pray that you will cast out the evil demon that is occupying my bedroom. I can feel its presence there, especially when I am asleep, and I am worried that it will do harm to me. I can feel it casting shadows in my mind while I sleep, giving my nightmares, and creating sinful temptations to try and lead me away from your holy light.

Please Holy Father, I pray that you will use your divine strength and rid my bedroom of this evil demon.

In the name of Jesus Christ.


A Pray for a Demon to Leave Your Neighbor’s House

Dear God, I am blessed to have you watch over me and guide me along your path. I pray that you will watch over my neighbor and protect them from harm. I have been inside their house, and I believe there is a demon living there.

I feel their evil presence in their house and they have said to me they sometimes feel the demon on their skin and whispering in their ears. They are afraid that they will be harmed in their sleep by this demon. I pray that you will protect them from harm. Use your divine might to cast out the demon from their home so that they may live next door in peace.

Thank you, God.


A Prayer for Demons to Leave Your New Home

Oh Holy Father in Heaven, I pray that you will bless our new house as we embark on this new journey. I ask that you cleanse the house of evil demons who would seek to harm us and lead us to sin. I ask that you watch over us as we move into our new home and set up our new life.

Please, Dear Lord, I felt their presence as soon as we arrived and I pray that you will send your angels to remove the demons in our new home.


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