8 Fervent Prayers for House Blessing and Protection

These prayers for house blessing and protection invite the Lord into your home to bless and protect.

Let us pray.


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A Prayer for Financial Blessing of a Household

God, our great provider, You are the One who blesses and sustains. I pray for Your hand of financial blessing upon our home today. Open the windows of heaven and pour out Your generous blessings into our household. You promised to provide all our needs according to the riches we have in Christ Jesus. I pray for strengthening on every working family member. Enable them in their jobs and bless their jobs with consistent pay. O Lord, reward our hard work with timely promotions and better job opportunities that will help meet our financial obligations. In Your most gracious Name we pray, Amen.

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A Prayer for House Protection

God, our protector, we place our home and family members into Your strong and capable hands. Keep our home safe from the intrusion of evil people who want to harm others. Safeguard our homes from those who are out to deceive and take advantage of other people. We pray that You would send angels to encamp around our home and family members. Protect us from danger and disaster. Let our home stand strong against cruel weather changes. Keep our neighborhood safe. Walk with us and guide our feet toward safe passage when we’re outdoors. We pray this in Jesus’ powerful Name. Amen.

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A Prayer for Harmony in a House

God of love, we pray for unity in our family today. I pray that our new home will be a place of acceptance and harmony. Protect it from the enemy who seeks to destroy every family and kinship. Fill our rooms with Your love and Spirit. We pray for more laughter and less sadness. We pray for more encouragement and less arguments. Give us wisdom to understand and live knowledgeable with our family members. We welcome and celebrate each one’s uniqueness. Help us unite in the midst of our differences in thinking and abilities. Strengthen our bonds and affection for one another. Hear our prayer today, o Father. Amen.

A Prayer for God’s Presence At Home

God of Heaven, we welcome You into our home today. You are the great Giver of gifts. We thank You for this house and we thank You for each family member that is with us right here. Father, live and move freely within the walls of our home. We ask Your guidance and presence to keep us company each day. May thoughts of You fill our hearts. May reminders of You fill every room. Let Your Spirit greet us each day, powering us up for a full day ahead. May we feel Your welcoming presence as we come back home, relieving us of our daily stresses. O God, be where we are. Be in our home and let Your presence be known. Amen.

A Prayer for the Blessing of Good Neighbors

Father in heaven, bless us with good neighbors today. We ask that You grant us favor in this neighborhood. You’ve placed us in this community for a purpose. We pray for grace to live with them in harmony and friendship. We ask that You would bless their household with peace and safety as well. Bless us that we may be a blessing to our neighbors. Let there be mutual support and cooperation between our homes that we can live safer and more peacefully in this community. Amen

A Prayer for Home Safety and Preservation

Loving Father, we pray for safety within our home today. We ask that You will preserve the safe conditions of our home. We ask that each family member will maintain the presence of mind at all times. Remind us of things we need to do to keep our home secure and safe. Give us the knowledge to practice safety in times of strong rain, snow, wind, or flooding. Let Your Spirit focus our attention to threats and dangers that come from within the walls of our house today. Keep us alert as we use power outlets and power tools around the house. May our home stay safe from electrical and fire dangers. We lift up these concerns to You today. Amen.

A Prayer for Health and Wellness in the Home

Dear God, we pray for good health in this home today. We ask that You would keep our home clean and clear of diseases. Bless each family member with physical and mental health. Keep our bodies and minds strong against diseases and infections. We ask that our guests would come healthy with no illness. And should they be sick, we pray for healing upon them as they enter our doors. May our home be a haven of physical wellness. May people come and feel refreshed. May it be a place of renewal and relaxation. May we pray that laughter and joy bring encouragement and restoration to family members and friends. God of miracles, we ask that You will use our home to heal people. May Your invigorating and encouraging presence be felt at all times. Amen.

A Prayer for Protection from Evil at Home

All-powerful God, You are Sovereign overall. We entrust our home to You today. Let every act and meditation please and honor You, O God. Do not allow the enemy to set his sights on our home and family members. Keep each one away from the devil’s traps and temptations. Let no evil practice take place in our home. Let honesty reign not lying. Let there be love not hate. May we have the patience, not short tempers. Help us nurture a heart that thinks of others not just ourselves. Keep our doors closed to people who are out to cause troubles or conflicts. Keep evil spirits away. Sanctify each room and fill our home with Your light. We pray this in the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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