Holy Prayer for Salvation for Others

A Holy prayer for the salvation of others asking the Lord to bring them under his loving grace.

Let us pray.

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This was a longer single prayer we shared with our YouTube congregation. If you would rather have shorter prayers, we have a list of prayers for lost souls you could offer up instead.

Dear Lord God,

The creator of Heaven and Earth. You know the stars by name and all of your creations adore you. Mountains bow down and the sea will roar by the sound of your name. Please hear my little prayer for salvation for others. I am thankful for the life that you have given and for the price that you have paid on the cross.

Thank you for the roof above my head and the meal that was set before me. Lord, in this little prayer of mine, I pray for the people that don’t know You yet. I pray for the people that are out there and haven’t accepted you yet. I pray for their salvation and their well-being. I pray for the time that they will have the chance to know You, to see Your power, Your grace, Your faithfulness, and Your love.

I pray for the people that know You, yet they don’t follow You. I pray for the people that follow You but sometimes deny You. I pray for their souls, their homes, their families and their friends. Please, keep them safe from harm.

Thank you, Lord God for the salvation you gracefully presented to us.

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We adore You, we celebrate You and we worship You. All grace and power are with you. You made the blind see and the lame walk. I pray for people to believe in You, as much as I believe in You.

Salvation is presented to mankind, and I pray that everybody gets the chance to experience how incomparable salvation is- an opportunity to be with You and to be with Your presence, Lord God.

I am thankful for the people that have turned towards You, thank You for guiding them home. I pray for the people that are not home yet, those who are lost and still follow their earthly desire.

Please, take them home. Guide them to where they belong and that is with You. You are the shepherd of mankind. Please guide us.

I pray for the people that still believe the lie, to the people that are under a false prophet. I pray that they may see the truth and be shined upon the light that is You because the only truth, salvation, and grace is You.

Please hear my humble prayer, all I want is for people to know you. Knowing You brings joy, being with You brings peace, and being intimate with You brings salvation. I pray for the people that don’t believe in Your Son, Jesus Christ.

I pray for people to believe in the lamb that was slain on the cross. Let the blood of Jesus Christ flow through them and cleanse them from their sins. Lord, I have nothing else to be thankful for. I got all that I need in You.

Hear my little prayer and save humanity once again. Guide us to the path where You want us to be and guide us to the promised land just like what You did to the prophet Abraham. Guide us and be with us, Lord God.

In Jesus’s name, I pray,


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