6 Pious Prayers For Removing Obstacles

Join me in a prayer for removing and overcoming obstacles from your path and allowing the strength of the Lord to enter your life and guide you on your path forward. The word of God tells true Christians that we will face obstacles on our path. Just because things don’t always go the way we hoped, it doesn’t mean that we will lose our faith.

Let us pray.


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Prayer To Remove All Obstacles


I pray for anyone who can hear the sound of my voice today. When we come together in prayer there are none who shall be left searching for strength and hope.

Heavenly Father, your divine light shines upon us and I declare that whoever hears my words this day shall feel the force of Your love flow through them. Their obstacles will shrink to nothing and their path to success shall become clear.

Lord, there is no task too large and no obstacle that can stop us when we walk Your path. When true believers have Your armor upon them they can charge forward and surprise even themselves with what they can accomplish.

I uplift my words of prayer to you on behalf of the person I’m praying for today. Allow them to see how truly capable they truly are. Father, they praise you because they know You. No matter what is going on and what obstacles they face, they know you are by their side.

Father, we know this prayer is heard and answered. Even in uncertain times where things seem at their worst, You are their ever-present guide and shield.

Lord, please continue to stand by them. Push this obstacle from their path as they are a true believer and one of your own. Help them walk with the Holy Spirit and keep Your teachings at the heart of everything they do.

Together we walk as a true Christian. Together in prayer, we declare that success is ours for the taking. Nothing is beyond our grasp. We place ourselves at Your will Lord. We know that You know what is good for us and see us safely through all things.

As the Bible tells us:

They will fight against you, but they will not overcome you, for I am with you to deliver you.

Thank You, Lord, for the opportunity you have placed in their path. Allow them to see what blessings hide behind this obstacle and remove it from the path before them.

You are the source of success and strength. Your will be done on Earth as it is in heaven.

Send Your angels Lord. Empower them to walk forward no matter what faces us. When Your divine power and grace are on their side, no obstacle can think to stand in their way. May Your will be ours.

We know this prayer will be answered, Lord. We know you hear our words and we know you will clear the obstacles from our path.

In the name of Your Son, Jesus Chris, amen.

prayer for removing obstacles

Prayer For Overcoming Obstacles In Relationship

Take a moment to let me pray for you.

Lord, I wish to pray on behalf of anyone who hears my words today. In the name of Jesus Christ hear our words of prayer and clear the obstacles that others have placed before us.

As Christians, we know that we have but to ask to see success in our endeavors.

Together in prayer, we know that the Holy Spirit within us is everything we need. Father, we know that the obstacles that would attempt to stop us cannot hope to win. In the name of Jesus, we speak truth to hose obstacles and command them to bow when faced when the power of Jesus.

Your words and teachings tell us that we can overcome all obstacles that might stand before us. Psalm 18:29 says: for by you I can run upon a troop; and by my God, I can leap over a wall.

God, I come before you and present this obstacle to Your attention. As true believers, we know that with You at our side this obstacle shall shrink into nothing.

Lord, allow this prayer to unbind them. Hold them free from anything that stands in their way. Allow them to move freely and to see triumph in Your name.

In the name of Jesus in prayer, we bind our purpose towards one goal and against this obstacle. Align our actions with the correct path forwards. Hold us when we cannot see the path forward you have placed for us.

Nothing can hope to stand against the authority of Your word. In the glorious name of Jesus, we call for the strength of Your angels. Together we know that the devil shall have no advantage here. Our path forward is clear and our actions are strengthened by Your divine might.

We don the armor of God as we move toward our obstacle without fear. If we cannot go around the obstacle, we shall simply go through it.

In the name of Christ and the Holy Spirit, we place ourselves before you as one of your own.


We also have a complete list of prayers for overcoming relationship obstacles. God will help all true Christians overcome all challenges in their way, especially when love and marriage is involved.

prayers for removing obstacles

Prayer To Overcome An Obstacle

Hear me Lord as I decree and declare in Your almighty name.

In Your name, I release and let go of all stress and worry. I am overcome with the strength and blessings of the Lord God and His angels who stand by my side.

As the Bible tells us: I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. We know that there is nothing that can stand beyond Your will and power.

I know that all is well in my life when the Holy Spirit is within me granting me the courage and boldness to face any and all obstacles the Devil might place in my way.

I know I am strong and firm in my faith. I know that I shall not be found wanting in my belief. I know that I stand with Christ.

Lord God, I stand before you know that I already have victory because I already have you in my life.

Victory over any evil. Victory over any obstacle. Victory on any task I set my mind to. When I have the Lord God on my side there are none who may stand before me. No obstacle or hurdle too great.

Here and now I declare that I have victory and there are none who may triumph. No weapon that can hurt me when I don the armor of God. Through the power that allows me to overcome daily and be blessed daily and work in His name.

Lord, I know that You are there for me. I know that You always take the time to hear my prayer. I rejoice knowing that I am one with Christ and no obstacle can hope to succeed.

I praise Your name and give You thanks. I celebrate in the name of Christ as I go forward. You show me that I am capable of overcoming any challenge and seeing the reward of Your love. My belief gives me the strength to go onward no matter what obstacle I am faced with. I know there is success in my path and I need only follow Your teachings.

I know that God loves me. I know that you care for me. I know that this obstacle shall not stand before me. Lord, I thank You for loving me as you do. I thank You, Lord, for filling my soul with this strength.

Holy Ghost, help us not to feel restless. Help us not to feel lost. When obstacles are before us, help us to see our path forward and move towards it. Help us to feel the love and sacrifice of Christ.


prayer submit
If you are struggling (or you know someone who is) even offering a short daily prayer to God can make a huge impact on your life.

Prayer for the Aid of God

Heavenly Father,

know that You hear my prayers and Your words in the Bible tell us not to let your hearts be troubled. Christ told his disciples to keep faith when they were troubled and today we tell ourselves that we have nothing to fear when You are by our side.

As the Bible tells us: do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be known to God.

Lord, you have told us not to give in to fear. Not to listen to worry and doubt.

It does not matter what stands before us when we walk with You. Your promise is that we have a place in heaven and we have a place by Your side. You are an almighty God and Christians everywhere know that Your power is unmatched.

No matter what obstacle might lie before us, no other cannot hope to succeed against us.

In prayer, I declare here and now that victory is already mine. The strength of the Lord God holds me tight and shields me from anyone who stands against me. The strength of the Lord is by my side and no other can hope to hurt me.

Your unending love is an unending source of strength and power. My heart and soul are nourished by the light You shine upon me. I give You thanks for the blessings and strength that You grant me, Lord.

I surrender my path to know knowing that you care for Your followers. Direct my path as I go forward in the name of Christ. Grant me the peace of mind knowing that I walk in Your name. Let no obstacle stand before me and lead me to the opportunities you have placed before me in life.

Nothing in this world may steal the joy that the Lord has provisioned for me.

Nobody can stand before me when the Lord is my armor.

No goal is too far from grasp and I know this prayer is heard.

prayer about removing obstacles

Prayer For Success Against Obstacles

Lord, as a true believer I come before you in this prayer.

In the Bible, You tell us to not be anxious or worried. Instead, we should let our requests be known to God.

Father, as a true believer I know that You do all things for me. You remove the obstacles from my path and grant me success even when I’m unable to see it happen before me.

I know that nothing can stand between me and my goals when I walk in the path of Christ.

In this prayer, I decree that success is mine. I act and move forward in the name of God and there are none who can seek to stand in my path.

Grant me change. Grant me the strength to face any obstacle and the faith to continue when faced with doubt and uncertainty. Guard my heart and soul against anyone who would seek to work against me.

Free and unbind me from the destructive power of worry and anxiety. Break these shackles free and allow me to look at the path forward as you alight my dreams before me. Fill me with Joy and praise in Your name and increase my faith in Your love.

As I cast my fears and doubt onto the Lord I know he hears my prayer. He will never let the righteous be forsaken and no matter what challenge and obstacle are before me I decree that victory is already mine.

It is Your everlasting strength that flows through me. The blessings and strength of God allow me to be all things and achieve all things. The Holy Spirit is within me even when everything around me brings frustration and obstacles.

know that I walk with Christ. I know that I walk with faith. I know that there is no obstacle that can hope to stand before me.

Lord, hear my words as I lift myself in Your grace and allow You to guide my actions. Only You have the power to see all things and keep us safe during storms.

Lord, I praise you in advance for hearing my prayer.

Lord, I praise you in advance for driving all obstacles from my path.

In the name of your illustrious and divine son, Jesus Christ, I pray.


prayer for removing obstacles

Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools. – Ecclesiastes 7:9

Prayer For Strength To Overcome Obstacles


I come before you in prayer knowing that I am firm in faith.

I come before you know that you hear my prayers and that I walk my path with the Holy Spirit within me.

I will not be a believer of Christ who is oppressed by worry and doubt. This day is full of opportunities that You have placed before me and obstacles that others have placed but they cannot seek to stand before me when I go forward with the Lord.

God, I claim your guidance. I have victory in the name of Jesus Christ who walks beside me.

There are none who can stand before me when I know you stand by my side. There are no obstacles that can seek to last when I walk forward in Your grace. There are none who can work against me when I am full of the Holy Spirit.

I have victory over every evil. Victory over anyone who might seek to stand before me.

I am blessed in the light and strength of the Lord God daily.

Even when I struggle and fall short, the Lord lifts me up. The Holy Spirit gives me the strength and grace to fulfill Your will for my life and see my dreams to fruition.

The obstacles in my path are already overcome even if they do not know it yet.

Thank you for hearing my prayer. Thank you for hearing my words. Thank you for being my strength.

I know that this prayer is answered. I know that this obstacle is overcome. I know that success is mine for the taking. Thank you, king, of kings for holding me close to Your heart.


prayers for removing obstacles

because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires. – James 1:20

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