3 Supportive Prayers for Your Husband at Work

A prayer for your husband at work asks God to watch over him while he goes about his day. Holding him safe from harm, free from stress and granting him opportunities for advancement and purpose.

Let us pray.


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Blessing Prayer for My Husband at Work

Heavenly Father, I come to you today asking for your blessing on my husband as he goes about his work.

I know that you have called him to do this job, and I pray that you would give him the strength and wisdom to do it well.

Let him see success.

I pray that his work would be a source of joy for him and that he would find satisfaction in using his gifts and talents to serve others.

Let him see joy.

I also ask that you would protect him from all harm while he is at work and that you would keep him safe from all accidents and injuries.

Let him be safe.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, and I praise you for your goodness and love.


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Prayer for Your Husband’s Protection at Work

Heavenly Father, I pray for Your protection over my husband while he is at work. Send him angels to watch over his shoulder.

I pray that You would surround him with Your angels and that You would keep him safe from all harm. I know that You are always with him, and I thank You for that.

I ask that You would give him Your wisdom and strength as he goes about his work. May he always put You first in all that he does.

In Jesus’s name.


Scripture for Husband at Work

Prayer to Help Your Husband at Work

This prayer was originally shared with our YouTube congregation. You can join us in this prayer in the video above or, if you prefer shorter prayers, we also have prayers for protection in the workplace or prayers for peace at work.

This prayer for my husband at work is the most natural prayer to fall from my lips each day when my husband leaves for work. This is essentially a prayer to ask you to keep him safe and well whilst he works. I also ask that he is recognized as a hard worker and is successful in achieving promotion.

A prayer such as this is offered because he is always in my thoughts and I want him to also be in my prayers. My husband is never far from my heart, and I want him kept safe and well and out of harm’s way when he goes to work.

I want you to know that I love this man and I am asking you to keep him safe when he is away from home at work.

Dear God, please hear this very special prayer for my husband at work. I send this prayer to you for a number of reasons, my husband works so that he can care for his family and I want him to know that you are taking care of him as he takes care of his family.

I know Lord that you want us to work and provide for our families. Work isn’t always easy and I can see the stresses and strains of work take a toll as he battles to work hard and do his best each day.

My husband is a hard worker which is exactly your command. You want us to work honestly and fully and my husband does this each and every day.

I am asking that you take care of him whilst he works Lord. Every job has some danger attached, some more than others, but all carry risks. Even the travel to the workplace and moving about during the day carries some risk. Please keep him safe from harm.

Lord, I worry that my husband will come to some physical harm in the course of his job. This happens in a moment of carelessness, or a simple mistake. Please keep him safe from harm and healthy at work.

I know that my husband barely gets time for a break at work, such are the demands of the job. I try to provide sustenance as best I can, but please remind him to take breaks and eat and look after his health. It is important that his work habits are both safe and healthy.

I know that I can appear to worry when there is nothing to worry about, but this is born completely out of love. I have seen other people suffer accidents and wear their health down because their jobs are stressful and they do not appreciate that they need to care for themselves at work as well as at home.

When it comes to the stresses of the job, I understand my husband is stressed because he is trying to do the best job he can in difficult circumstances. There are never enough resources or people to do the job easily. He and all of his colleagues feel the strain. Please lift off those stresses from his shoulders, or help him bear the strain well.

My husband does the best work he can in often quite trying circumstances, he always works hard and does way beyond what is asked of him. I am asking that you help him become successful at work, that he is recognized by his bosses like the one who stands out as a hard worker and strong performer.

This prayer for my husband at work is offered to you Lord because you give us parables in the bible that repeatedly tell us that you value hard work, and you value people that will do the right groundwork so they will have riches well deserved.

My husband is one of those who deserve recognition for all his hard work and success and promotion to follow. He is worthy of all of this because he is committed to doing a good job. He is thorough and hardworking.

There are others at his work Lord who feel they are worthy of that recognition but I know that in your judgment you will look and find him worthy. Lord give him the support he needs to do well in work to achieve promotion and the pay raise that comes with it.

You know that he is deserving of attention and promotion, you see how hard he works and how much he deserves to be rewarded. Please bring this to bear for him with your infinite power and judgment.

Allow him to progress through the ranks as soon as possible, he is fully deserving of your support.

Father, there are times when he comes home from work and talks about his day when I realize that some of his stress and tiredness are due to other people at work. At times it is because other people are not pulling their weight, not turning up for work or not coming in on time.

All of this has a knock-on effect on my husband’s ability to get a good job done.

Lord, make sure he does not become too stressed trying to carry other people too much.

I fear all the extra work he does goes unseen and he is not thanked or recompensed enough for the extra hours he does. This takes a toll on his energy and his focus and results in his unhappiness at times.

There is a more worrying element in the workplace. I fear he may have enemies who are jealous of him and try to make him look bad and speak ill of him to his manager.

None of the arguments at work are of his making, he gets drawn in when others start complaining and doing a poor job.

Please bless my husband in his dealings with these people help him rise above all of that and help his bosses to observe that none of that arguing and in-fighting and jostling for the position has anything to do with him.

My husband is a dedicated worker, he never misses work, he is usually on time, and he works as hard as he possibly can. My husband carries a heavy load from work and deserves recognition for his good work.

There are times when his good ideas and work go unnoticed or he is not given full credit for his work.

If any of this is deliberate Lord you will observe their behaviors and will be well able to step in and show the bosses what a good worker and high performer my husband is. Help him to help himself at work, help him not to hide his light under the bushel.

With your guidance and support Lord, my husband will be safe and well, less stressed and will be recognized for all his good work to date with the next promotion available.

In all this, I give you thanks and praise and ask that you and all the saints look down upon my husband in the coming weeks and months and usher him toward promotion and a better job.

When my husband moves up in work and achieves his promotion I know he will thank you for your intercession. Please keep him safe in his workplace and let him come home stress-free and successful…

Lord I ask this in total faith.


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Scripture for Your Husband at Work

“Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you”

Peter 5:6

This from Peter shows us that it is quite possible that God will lift us up. Praying for your husband who goes about his work humbly and honestly, for whom you wish the best is quite justified.

Asking for recognition and promotion is a form of exaltation, this is quite within the gift of the Lord to grant.

“Work for them as you would for the Lord because you honor God.”

Colossians 3:22

All work ultimately honors Christ as are bid do in the bible. We are asked to work hard and obey all authority figures.

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