6 Powerful Prayers for Protection Against Enemies 

Christians can use prayer for protection against enemies to ask God to stop their enemies from standing against them. Each day we may have different encounters. Not all days are good, and there are days when we are challenged by the difficulties and obstacles at home, at work, in our relationships, and even in our faith in the Lord.

We may be struggling with people who intend to break us. Unknowingly, we may also face unseen enemies in our daily life.

Let us pray and ask for protection from our Father against all our enemies that bring us down. We will not lose courage as long as our Almighty Father is there to shield us from the works of evil. Here are seven divine prayers for protection against enemies.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Protection Against Enemies at Work

Dearest Father, our shield and our hope, we praise You for giving us peace in our workplace. Thank You for giving us sources of motivation to become productive and focused on reaching our goals at work. But, Father, I cannot avoid dealing with co-workers who have the desire to bring me down.

Protect me, Lord, against my enemies. Help me deal with them with compassion and patience as I continue to do my work and give my best to perform the tasks I need to accomplish. I rebuke the spirit of anger, envy, and hate.

Keep me away from all the negative things, Lord, and continue to shield me with Your grace.

This we ask,


We have a collection of prayers of protection from enemies at work. If your enemies are standing against you (intentionally or not) in the workplace, sharing these prayers will help.

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Prayer Protection against Enemies of Faith

Almighty Father, we thank you for each day. Your love for Your children surpasses all understanding. Thank You for allowing us to see Your greatness. Father, we are on a journey of growing faith in You. We are in the process of recovery as we long to be in Your Holy presence. But, Lord, we have our own personal struggles, enemies of our faith, that hinder us from fully committing our worship in You.

We pray that You protect us from any temptations, pride, and false humility. Allow us to stay grounded and sheltered by Your grace. Keep us away from the enemies that lead us to lose our grasp of the purpose and calling You have set for each of us. We ask for forgiveness for those moments of doubt, especially when we are challenged by circumstances. Father, we surrender everything to You.

This we pray,


Scripture for Protection from Enemies at Work

Prayer for Protection against Enemies of the Family

Dearest Lord, we are grateful for the bountiful blessings You have bestowed upon this family. We thank You for guiding our household and keeping our family together. Lord, we come before You to ask for Your divine protection from the doings of evil. Our family is being tested by enemies that try to bring conflict and break our household. We pray, dear Father, that You keep us away from instruments of evil and people who are greedy, self-seeking, and envious.

We pray that these people would be humbled by the greatness of Your divine power. We ask for forgiveness for the anger and hatred that we have planted in our hearts because of them. Help us to forgive them as well. Give us the strength to cope with whatever our family is going through at this time.

This we ask, in Your Holy Name,


Prayer for Protection against Enemies

Father, our great and awesome God, we long for your presence in our midst. We thank You for giving us a new day, a fresh start, to renew our spirit. Thank You, Father, for allowing us to witness the goodness of Your love, and for guiding us day by day, as we move forward with our journey in life. Lord, we deeply pray, for Your protection against our enemies, seen or unseen, those that ruin us, test our faith, and make us doubt.

We pray, Father, that You give us the courage to face these enemies. Let us be instruments of hope and forgiveness so that the evil will be overcome by the power of Your grace and divine protection. We ask, Father, that we remain steadfast in Your overflowing love so that nothing can break our spirit. We believe in You, Lord. We trust Your mighty hand.

Thank You for listening to our prayer, in Jesus’ name,


Bible Verse for Protection from Enemies at Work

Prayer for Protection against Evil Spirits

Almighty God, You have been gracious to Your children. You have loved us with incomparable love, and You have blessed us with good courage and a strong spirit. Lord, in times of trouble, we cry out to You. You are our refuge in times of trials and fear. We ask for protection against enemies of darkness.

We cast all the demons that shake us. Save us, Father, from evil spirits, from ill desires, from temptations. Strengthen our mind, body, and spirit so that we can overcome the darkness of evil. We pray for Your divine protection, especially in our moments of weakness. We have faith in You and we trust You with all our lives.

This we pray,


Prayer for Protection against Enemies of Oneself

Dearest Lord, You are my guiding light, my source of strength, and good courage. No matter how difficult my battles are, I have no fear, for You are with me. Father, I ask for Your protection against my enemies. In times of loneliness and sorrow, my thoughts and doubts discourage me from moving forward. I become so down and depressed. I am weakened by the traumas I have experienced in my life.

These are the enemies that I’m fighting against. Father, protect Your servant, for I cannot deal with these without You by my side. I pray for instruments of hope and healing so that I can fight these battles fearlessly with a strong faith. I believe, Lord, that I can overcome all of this because Your love and grace are mightier than any evil that threatens my spirit.

I rebuke every evil work, every doubt, and every threat that weakens my faith. I will believe in Your awesome power and the purpose You have designed for me. Nothing can break me when I am sheltered under Your wings.

This I pray,


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