Holy Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times

A prayer for strength during difficult times is the perfect prayer for all of us. We all face these tough times, we all find times in our lives when we really could use some help, and someone to carry us through.

We may have friends to turn to but there is no greater friend than the Lord, and he always helps us find a path.

This prayer can be heard around the world every day, offer it up for yourself to ask for God’s grace and company, and for others who may be quietly suffering but do not reach out to God for support.

Let us pray.

A Prayer for Strength in Difficult Times

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This is a longer prayer we shared with our YouTube congregation. If you would like a collection of smaller, easier to use prayers for better days, or prayers against discouragement.

Lord, I offer this prayer for strength during difficult times because I know you will hear my voice and answer my prayer.

You are always there for me Lord when I need you, you are the source of all my strength. I know you help me and carry me and bring me through dark days.

No matter what troubles me you are there for me. I ask, and you come to my aid.

Lord, you are full of mercy and kindness.

Your son Jesus went through all kinds of suffering when he was sent here by you to save us all. He suffered small indignities and abuse, men jeered him, abused him. He was feared because of the love he carried for mankind and they crucified him because they feared the word of the Lord.

Jesus you have known dark days, you endured being pilloried, mocked, spat upon, and dragged off to be crucified and all for your love of the one true God, your father.

You have known troubles and difficult times yet all you did was extend your hand of love, friendship and healing.

Jesus, please give me a fragment of that strength when I need it. I feel alone in these difficult times.

I know when I close my eyes and talk with you that you are here with me, holding me up and giving me the strength to put one foot in front of the other and to carry on.

Jesus, you carried your own cross up the hill towards your own crucifixion, it was more than anyone should bear, you carried that burden because it was asked of you by your father God Almighty

You carried that cross so that we could see the gates of heaven and know your father’s words. Jesus, you had so many dark days here on earth, but you carried on with strength and love and endured our hatred yet you carried on.

Hear this prayer for strength during difficult times and help us to help one another carry our troubles with some of the faith and humility that you showed when you carried your worldly burdens.

Difficult times feel like they will never end.

With each new set of difficulties we face we need to rely on our strength that you give us to get through. Lord, you help us become stronger as we grow weary and struggle through problems that seem insurmountable.

It is oftentimes through prayer that you have sent me someone to help me through my troubles.

There have been times when I have forgotten to thank you sufficiently for sending me this help.

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You have helped me in so many ways Lord I cannot express my praise for you enough. I feel heartsore to ask you to intercede again, but I know you have infinite patience and love for me and that you will never tire of helping me with my burdens.

Times are tough at the moment and I find it hard to see a way through. This prayer for strength for difficult times is really a plea for you to give me the strength to get through what I need to get through. It would be easy to give up but I know I can rely on you Lord to help me.

You are always on my side when I ask you to be there. I cannot praise you enough for your love and care for me.

I cannot find the words that do you justice. You are so full of wisdom and kindness and the support I find in just knowing that you are by my side Lord is immense.

Lord give me the strength to get through these times, hour by hour, day by day. Hold my hand and guide me on the right path, bring me through this with your love and immense strength and compassion.

I trust in you Lord God to bring me to a place of safety.

For this, I pray.


Scripture for Strength During Difficult Times

Scripture for Strength During Difficult Times

There is quite a lot of reference to suffering and reaching for the strength in the bible, these verses are a small sample that remind us in different ways that above all, God understands our suffering and welcomes being asked to help us through that suffering.

“The Lord also is a refuge for the oppressed, a haven of rest in times of trouble”

Psalm 9:9

This is reminding us clearly that God is our place to take our troubles to, no matter what support we have, we can always find him in prayer, and this is our ultimate refuge.

“More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame”

Romans 5:3-5

It is a complete misconception that God sends us troubles to spite us or because we have displeased him in some way. We do know that we can be sent obstacles whereby we are tested in our faith, but we know he does not send us more than we can bear. It makes us stronger to deepen our faith in the Lord when we come to him in hope in times of distress and troubles.

In the end, the Lord is always there for us and we can lose our way when we are in distress, or keep our faith and turn to he who is all-powerful and merciful.

“I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

John 16:33

A great way of helping us to remember that we all have trials to face, but ultimately they are only of this world not the next, we have greater things to look forward to. Take heart.

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