Positive Prayer for Success in Business

Prayer for Success in Business

This prayer for success in business can be offered at any time in the growth of a business, at the beginning of a new venture, when major changes have to happen in the business, when trouble hits, and when big decisions make it important to ask for God’s help. God understands how important it is … Read more

Beautiful Prayer for the End of the Day

Prayer for the End of the Day

This prayer for the end of the day is my time to show you my thanks for another day. The prayer is a way of saying I know you were with me Lord and to show gratitude for your presence in my life. I offer this prayer also for all those who are too troubled … Read more

Attracting Prayer for a Soul Mate

Prayer for a Soul Mate

This prayer for a soulmate is one dearest to my heart, and I am asking your indulgence in hearing this prayer and helping me find my soulmate and my forever companion. Asking God for a soulmate isn’t frivolous or self-seeking, God is all about love and the bible tells us that we are meant to … Read more

Gentle Prayer to Break Soul Tie

This prayer to break a soul tie is unbelievably important, when something is wrong with a relationship, the end of that link and that relationship is the right thing to seek. A soul tie can feel like a gift and a curse at the same time. When it is not a healthy and respectful connection … Read more

Morning Prayer for Family Blessing

Morning Prayer for Family

Lord hear this morning prayer for family as we ask you to bless the day ahead for each and every member of the family and ask you to look after each of us as we go about our daily business. Lord you hold the family dear to your heart the bible, you place it high … Read more

Inspiring Monday Morning Prayer

Inspiring Monday Morning Prayer

This Monday morning prayer is a great way to start a new week with joy in our hearts and praise for the Lord, it is also the time to ask for help for the week ahead. Most of us awaken on a Monday morning to start a new work week. The weekend gives us time … Read more

Powerful Prayer for America

Powerful Prayer for America

This powerful prayer for America asks the Lord to watch over our great country. We ask God to help and protect us. Let us pray. A Prayer for Our Country 🙏 Watch The Prayer Video to Pray Alongside Me☝️ Dear God, I appreciate all the things You’ve done for me and all the blessings You’ve … Read more

Holy Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times

Prayer for Strength During Difficult Times

A prayer for strength during difficult times is the perfect prayer for all of us. We all face these tough times, we all find times in our lives when we really could use some help, and someone to carry us through. We may have friends to turn to but there is no greater friend than … Read more

Prayer to St Michael for Personal Protection

Prayer to St Michael for Personal Protection

This prayer to St Michael for personal protection is an appeal to one of the most important saints, he is in fact an archangel. Saint Michael is the leader of all angels and of the army of God. This is what the title “Archangel” means, that he is above all the others in rank. He … Read more

Loving Prayer to Soften My Husband’s Heart

Prayer to Soften My Husband's Heart

This prayer to soften my husband’s heart comes straight from my heart. The bible tells us that husbands are meant to love their wives earnestly. This prayer asks God to intercede and bring that earnest love back. When a husband is harsh and has hardened his heart it is incredibly difficult and hard to find … Read more

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