6 Blessed Prayers for My Dad In Heaven

Prayers for My Dad In Heaven

The relationship between a father and his children is important. Fathers teach us about the world, and they support us as we learn and grow. If your father has already passed on, you will likely miss his comforting presence and words of wisdom. As you pray to God, you have the privilege to feel his … Read more

6 Pure Prayers for Discernment

Prayers for Discernment

Facing a big decision can be equal parts exciting, confusing, and sometimes frightening, and as Christians, we turn to God with a prayer of discernment to determine His will. We need to see beyond the excitement, uncertainty, or fear, and see clearly which choice God wants us to make. Our lives will be more joyful … Read more

11 Angelic Prayers for Dads

Prayers for Dads

Praying for your father is a powerful way to invite God to help strengthen your family. If your dad needs extra help and you want to feel a greater connection to the fibers of your family, these prayers can help you ask for God’s help in your dad’s life. Use the prayers in this list … Read more

8 Devout Prayers for Disappointment

Prayers for Disappointment

Disappointment is a natural part of life. It is common for us to hope and hold things in our hearts that we would like to see in our future. However, God often has a different plan for us than we can see in our limited vision. This means we are disappointed when things do not … Read more

8 Faithful Prayers for Soldier Safety

Prayers for Soldier Safety

Soldiers are brave, and they are prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect the safety of their homeland. This is an incredibly selfless and courageous act. They need our support and the help of God to stay safe and to promote peace in the world. As you seek guidance on how to pray for … Read more

44 Angelic Bible Verses for Birthdays

Bible Verses for Birthdays

Each one of us is placed in this world for a reason. The Lord specially planned our destiny before we were even born, and that’s why birthdays are incredibly relevant in every person’s life. They are the annual reminders of God’s goodness, which is why it also brings Him great joy when we celebrate this … Read more

7 Devout Prayers for A Missing Child

prayers for a missing child

When a child goes missing, we feel it deeply, and as Christians, we know that a prayer for a missing child asks the Lord to hold them safe. He can send His angels to the child’s side and guide them back home. As Christians, we have a duty of care toward those in need. Especially children … Read more

8 Pure Prayers for Illumination

Prayers for Illumination

The world can be a dark place. It can be hard to find guidance and illumination to help you know where God wants you to go. Thankfully, we can always pray to God and ask Him which paths he would like us to pursue. He can make the options clear as he erases the fuzziness … Read more

16 Pious Opening Prayers for Church Services  

Opening Prayers for Church Services

When Christians come together in name of Christ, the Lord hears our words and keeps us close to His heart. These opening prayers for Church services celebrate gathering together in fellowship, worshiping our Lord Jesus Christ, and reinforcing our faith. Together. Some of the options below are a great short opening prayer for worship service, … Read more

6 Divine Prayers for Marriages Under Attack

Prayers for Marriages Under Attack

God appreciates and understands our efforts to create strong marriages. As we strive to cleave to our spouses, God can help us in our efforts. As you ask God for help in your marriage, listen to the guidance He gives you. The prayers in this list can help you fortify your marriage through the power … Read more

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