6 Powerful Prayers for Restoration of a Broken Relationship

Relationships with your partner or spouse, friends, and family require time, effort, and commitment. It has to be nurtured with love, respect, and understanding.

Without these, relationships may break and become futile. A broken relationship can damage one’s soul and can even harden a heart. God listens to deep and sincere prayer. It is through God where we can find healing and restoration of broken relationships. Here are six divine prayers for the restoration of a broken relationship.

Let us pray.


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Prayer for Broken Relationship

Almighty Father, Your love for us is deeper than our own understanding, and Your grace overflows. You can see through our dreams, our thoughts, and our feelings. Father, we ask for Your miraculous power to heal and restore our broken relationship.

Unresolved conflicts, lack of communication, and loss of trust have led us to end our relationship, yet we believe, Lord, that beyond these, we still love each other and we want to be a better version of ourselves for each other. We pray for Your wisdom and guidance to light our path as we refresh our journey as a couple. Help us to be more gentle, more loving, and kind to each other.

We ask for forgiveness for all the wrong things we have done, for causing pain and deep wounds. We pray for healing, dear Father, as we choose to recover our relationship. Thank You for lighting a spark of hope for us, each day.

This we ask, in Your Mighty Name,


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Prayer for a Broken Relationship with Spouse

Dearest Lord, we are amazed by the power of Your love. Thank You for being our source of help in times of need, and our great source of hope to keep us going. Father, we ask for Your presence in this difficult time. My spouse and I are going through a broken marriage, and we have decided to keep our relationship.

Help us, dearest Lord, to restore our broken marriage. Teach us to be more mindful of our decisions as husband and wife, and may we be reminded that our relationship is centered in You. Allow us to value the love we have for each other and the promise we made before You, Lord. We surrender all our fears, doubts, and worries.

This we pray, in Your Most Holy Name,


Prayer for Healing and Forgiveness

Dearest Lord, we call upon Your Name to praise and worship You for the countless favors You have done for us. You showered us with Your love and abounding grace. You fought battles for us and endured the pain with us. Lord, we ask for healing and forgiveness during this difficult time.

We pray for the restoration of our broken relationship. We pray that we can recover from the deep wounds and the hurt we are going through. Allow us to learn to love without giving up. May our relationship flourish and become an inspiration for others.

May this experience remind us that our relationship is Your miraculous gift to our lives. We ask for forgiveness if we fell short of giving our best to nurture our relationship, dear Father.  Forgive us as we were blinded by deep pains and fears. As we renew our relationship, be with us, Father, in this journey.

This we pray,


Prayer for a Broken Friendship

Dear Lord, each day You reveal to us miracles to remind us of Your great power. Our friendship is already Your miracle. But, Lord, my friend and I are struggling through a difficult time.

We have lost the courage to show that we still care for each other. Our friendship was broken because we failed to speak the truth, and we did not listen to each other’s thoughts and feelings. We pray, Lord, that our friendship may be restored.

Help us find a way to reconcile and look beyond our differences and conflict. We ask that You mend our broken friendship and allow us to be more kind and patient. Help us build a stronger friendship this time, with Your guidance and love. Help us to forgive and trust each other, without regrets or resentment. Thank You, Lord, for blessing me with a friend who has been with me through thick and thin.

This is a friendship worth keeping. We pray,


Prayer for a Broken Relationship Between Siblings

Heavenly Father, we ask for Your presence in this difficult time. My brother and I are going through a conflict that has led us to lose trust and respect for each other. We have been apart for some time now, and we haven’t spoken to each other for as long as I can remember.

The pain has damaged us deeply as individuals and it has been difficult for us to move forward. But, Lord, we know that You would want to keep our family together and that whatever happens, our family is our home. And so, we pray, that you allow us to heal and forgive.

Help us restore our relationship. Take away the sadness, the anger, and the hate that have made our hearts numb and unwilling to listen. We ask for forgiveness for our shortcomings and for the pain this conflict has brought to our family. As we seek healing and recovery, help us go through the process with an open heart and mind.  We trust You, Lord, and we depend on You.

In Jesus’ Name, we pray,


Prayer for Gratitude of a Restored Relationship

Heavenly Father, we thank You for restoring our relationship. It may have been broken into pieces, but You helped us make it whole again. You gave us new hope and meaning to our relationship, and You reminded us of Your power and grace.

You brought healing and love in our midst, and we shall forever be grateful for the healing and the restoration of our relationship. We pray that this relationship will prosper and become a channel of blessing for others. Thank You, Father, for helping us recover.

In Jesus’ Name,


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