8 Sincere Prayers for Enemies to Leave Me Alone

These prayers for enemies to leave me alone asks the Lord to come into your life to provide protection and justice from your enemies. God can drive those who stand against you far away and prevent them from interfering with your life.

Let us pray.


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A Prayer for Strength Over My Enemies

Father, keeper of my soul, I pray for strength to face my enemies today. These conflicts are wearing me down. I struggle within and without. Enable me to stay strong mentally and physically.

Help me to remain strong in my principles. I want to keep doing right. Strengthen my will so that I don’t respond in the wrong ways. Give me the resolve to face those who are against me. You promised to be my strength whenever I am weak. Empower me to find ways to put a stop to the evil schemes and lies of my harassers.

God of truth, let my friends and peers see through the lies of my enemies. Don’t let them sway others into thinking ill of me. Keep them away from my friends and loved ones.


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A Prayer for Boldness

Mighty Father, You are my enabler. In times of unwanted conflict, give me the boldness to stand for my faith and principles. I take courage and count on Your presence to empower me. I will not be afraid to speak out for righteousness and truth.

Stop my enemies from speaking lies and attacking Your Name, Father. Help me to remember the truths of Your Holy Word in times of opposition and slander. If God is for me, no one can stand against me. Keep my mind and heart on the right path. Help me maintain the right thinking.

Free my mouth to speak the truth and correct when that is what people need to hear. Enable me to honor you in times of conflict.


Bible Verse to Destroy Your Enemies

A Prayer for Love For My Enemies

Patient Father, many times I find it hard to love my enemies. There are those who abuse my kindness and take advantage of my friendliness. I’ve learned from experience that some people can be too uncaring.

They are not bothered by offending people over and over again. Oh God, I look to You for strength and inspiration to remain loving towards them. Help me to resist feelings of hatred. I let go of my desire for revenge. I leave them in Your Just hands.

I pray that You would guard my heart. Keep me safe from my enemies. Shield me from additional pain. Help me learn my lessons and to be careful with my future dealings with people from now on.


A Prayer for Peace of Mind From My Enemies

All-knowing Father, it’s hard to sleep at night when someone is plotting evil things against me. Give me peace in the midst of conflict and uncertainty.

I don’t know what my enemies will be doing next to discourage me and turn other people against me. Lord, don’t let their plans prosper. Let me rest in the assurance that You will work things out for my good. Take away my anxious thoughts and cause me to remember all Your promises.

I hope in Your justice. Fight for me as You have promised. Don’t let me suffer wrongdoing any longer.


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A Prayer for Making Peace With My Enemies

Lord of all, You are sovereign over all creation. You remain in control of my circumstances. You have the power to turn my enemies into allies. I pray for clarity of mind for these people.

Let them see that I mean them no harm. I’m not in competition with them. I’m not out to shame them. Give me favor with the people who dislike me. Focus their minds on my good qualities, not on my flaws. I pray that the hating will stop and that my detractors will see common grounds on which we can work together.

Give them a change of mind. Let Your grace work in their hearts that they may cease their hurtful ways and speech.


Bible Verse to Destroy Your Enemies

A Prayer for Justice For My Enemies

Righteous Father, I plead my case before You. I have been a victim of wrongdoing for a long time now. Please make it stop. Intervene in this conflict. Don’t let the enemy prosper in his/her evil plans. You are just in all Your ways. You defend the innocent.

Father, let me see Your hand of justice in my life. Set things right. Punish the offender and don’t let unfairness continue. Don’t keep silent lest I lose all hope. Don’t let wrongdoing go unpunished. Defend me from my enemies with Your strong and righteous hand. Amen.A Prayer for Support

Strong Father, I admit my weakness. I am powerless against my enemies. My enemies trouble me daily and I am nearing despair. Encourage me with Your Spirit and Your Word. Let me feel Your presence over my life. Cause me to remember Your comforting Words in times of discouragement. Surround me with the right people who will point me towards positivity and perseverance.

Raise friends who can help me in this battle. I’m more at peace with You and human allies to fight alongside me. So give me the wisdom to know the people I can trust. Keep me away from enemies who pretend to be helping. Give me discerning eyes so I can notice their traps.


A Prayer for Trust

Dear God, You are good. You are trustworthy. Help me remember that truth at all times. People have betrayed me. Lies have been spread about me. The people I trusted are now against me. It’s now harder to trust. I can’t open my heart to others. I’m finding it hard to extend love and friendship without fear.

My fear and distrust keep me in isolation. Help me break free from this trap. Heal my broken heart. I put my confidence in You. You will never fail. You will keep me safe at all times. Keep my enemies away and frustrate their evil plans against me. Remove me from unhelpful associations. Help me take a step of faith and welcome the right people again into my life.

Be gracious to me, oh God. Bless me with supportive friends who will help me in this time of weakness and pain.


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