30 Consecrated Bible Verses for Panic Attacks

Bible Verses for Panic Attacks

Terror can grip your heart so tightly that it makes it hard to breathe. You can actually get it even if you are not under stress or have nothing to fear. It can be so unexpected, and so it’s important to always meditate on Bible verses on panic attacks to be ready to respond when … Read more

23 Blessed Bible Verses for Homeschooling

Bible Verses for Homeschooling

These are a collection of my favorite bible verses about homeschooling. With the state of education in many countries today, it’s much better to get your children’s training started at home. There are encouraging Bible verses on homeschooling that show it’s much better for children to be educated at home.  Consider this, some schools in … Read more

41 Pure Bible Verses for Single Moms

Bible Verses for Single Moms

Curious about what the Holy Bible says about single moms? These verses should give you some guidance. Every day you work hard and strive to meet all the needs of your children, often sacrificing your own. You do everything humanly possible to be a good parent, but the struggle is real and trying to do … Read more

44 Angelic Bible Verses for Birthdays

Bible Verses for Birthdays

Each one of us is placed in this world for a reason. The Lord specially planned our destiny before we were even born, and that’s why birthdays are incredibly relevant in every person’s life. They are the annual reminders of God’s goodness, which is why it also brings Him great joy when we celebrate this … Read more

54 Encouraging Bible Verses for Healing Sickness

Bible Verses for Healing Sickness

Your sickness shall be healed if it is following God’s will. These Bible verses for healing sickness help remind us that the Lord is watching over us and shall never forsake us. However, God may not always will someone’s physical healing. Even with earnest prayers and unwavering trust in God’s ability to heal, no healing … Read more

35 Healing Bible Verses for Heartache

Bible Verses for Heartache

God is the only one who understands the depth of your heartache. These Bible verses for heartache can help you to heal and move forward. He is the only one who truly comprehends love and heartbreak. All that you will ever need is His unfailing, unbreakable love for you. Each person has experienced this agony … Read more

58 Devout Bible Verses for Protection From Disease

Bible Verses for Protection From Disease

God is a healer, but He doesn’t always lead us along the path of healing. These Bible verses for protection from a disease will help us to understand His will and keep us (and our loved ones) safe. He sometimes allows us to endure suffering, illness, and hardship as part of His divine plan for our … Read more

37 Blessing Bible Verses for Everlasting Life

Bible Verses for Everlasting Life

God offers us eternal life out of His tremendous love for humanity. These Bible verses for everlasting life remind us of what awaits us in heaven by his side. Contrary to popular belief, eternal life does not entail an endless existence. Everlasting life is what we have now. It is not a process that starts … Read more

40 Pure Bible Verses for Revenge

Bible Verses for Revenge

As Christians, you are never to retaliate or seek revenge against someone who has wronged you. These Bible verses for revenge can help you understand the teachings of God. To want revenge or to think about revenge constantly is unhealthy. God does not desire resentment, hatred, or vindication to reside in your heart. God desires for … Read more

25 Consecrated Bible Verses for Engaged Couples

Bible Verses for Engaged Couples

Christian couples who are thinking of getting married must realize the depth of such a commitment. These Bible verses for engaged couples remind us of how important this promise is. God intends marriage to be a permanent commitment, not a momentary partnership. Before getting engaged, Christians should make sure they have a good grasp of their … Read more

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