6 Sacrosanct Prayers for A Friend’s Job Interview

Prayers for A Friend's Job Interview

Supporting your friends is important. We are commanded to help bear the burdens of the people around us. Sometimes, we cannot do much to help them through their difficulties. However, we can always pray for their success and joy. These prayers for a friend’s job interview can help them get the interview and get the job. … Read more

6 Devout Prayers To Remove Obstacles In A Relationship

Prayers To Remove Obstacles In A Relationship

Building a relationship founded on love can help bring you and your partner closer to God. If obstacles are stopping you and your partner from achieving your true potential, God can touch your hearts and help remove those obstacles. These prayers to removing relationship obstacles can guide you as you connect with God to remove … Read more

5 Faithful Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Sleep

Spiritual Warfare Prayers for Sleep

When you are struggling to sleep, it can feel like you are waging a war against unseen forces. There may be spiritual distress contributing to your difficulty sleeping. You may worry about previous mistakes you have made. You may be tempted by Satan to leave God, which can cause concern for your soul. The prayers … Read more

7 Devout Prayers for Binding Evil Spirits

Prayers for Binding Evil Spirits

Evil spirits can lead you away from the Lord. They can tempt you to do bad things and hurt others. They want to take you away from your relationship with God because they want you to be as miserable as they are. These prayers to bind an evil spirit asks God to bind their evil … Read more

15 Sanctified Prayers for Money

Prayers for Money

God loves to bless us. He wants us to be happy, and He can help us when we struggle. If you are struggling to find your footing financially, asking God for help can guide you on how to save money. God can also bless you with extra cash flow in tight times. The prayers in … Read more

15 Sanctified Prayers for Patience

Prayers for Patience

Patience is a Godly gift. However, it can be difficult to develop patience. The world is frustrating. People can be unkind. Things do not always go the way we want, and finding patience can take time and help from God and these prayers for patience can help give a true Christian the peace of mind … Read more

15 Holy Midnight Prayers

Midnight Prayers

Midnight is a tipping point in the process of a day. It is the point when one day ends, and another begins. It comes before the darkest hours of the night, leaving many feeling concerned and alone or afraid. Others may find hope in the first hours of a new day. Regardless of what midnight … Read more

15 Prayers for Emotional Abuse to Heal and Move On

Prayers for Emotional Abuse

Emotional Abuse is a terrible burden. It can make you feel isolated, weak, and afraid. You may feel that you do not know who you can trust, and you may even start to doubt your worth. Remember, God loves you. He values you and wants to heal you from the wounds that others have inflicted … Read more

5 Devotional Prayers for Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Prayers for Sacred Heart Of Jesus

Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. He knows all of our pain and He saves us from our sins. As we pray to Jesus Christ, we can have better access to His divine power in our lives. Turn to Christ and pray to His loving heart, and You will be amazed at the effects … Read more

7 Blessed Prayers for A Sick Dog

Prayers for A Sick Dog

All of God’s creations are wonderful and can enrich our lives. Dogs are a perfect example of this. They are companions who bring us joy and give us companionship. Dogs tend to become part of our family, so if your dog is sick, you will worry about them and want them to get well soon. … Read more