7 Consecrated Prayers For A Deeply Troubled Marriage

When two people are married, they become one flesh. But what happens when that unity is shattered? When the foundation of a marriage is deeply troubled, it can be difficult to find hope. If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to turn, consider consecrated prayers for your marriage. With God’s help, you can rebuild what has been broken.

This collection of prayers on a deeply troubled marriage asks The Lord to help bring both of you back together closer than before.

Let us pray.


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You have blessed me with marriage but we are imperfect in your image God and I come before you to ask for your help.

Hear my fervent prayer to heal and restore my deeply troubled marriage, Lord.

I am asking that you please heal the broken areas of my heart and mind that have been wounded by these hard times in our marriage. Bring us back closer together so that we may be happy once more.

In your name, I pray.


Bible Verses for Deeply Troubled Marriage

Prayer To Save Marriage From Divorce

If you think your marriage might be headed in this direction, we have a collection of more specific prayers to stop divorce you might offer up as well.

Oh Lord God, I come before you in prayer to ask that you protect and save my marriage from divorce. Please return our love for each other and our happiness with each other. Bring us back together.

We know that you can do anything Lord, and we know that you have the power to give us a new beginning. Please awaken within us a greater love and respect for each other.

Let it be more than just a strong affection – let it be a drive, a passion. Give us patience that may bear with my weaknesses, and through your grace help me to become stronger in our marriage and in your love.

God, please answer our prayer for the sake of my marriage.

In the name of Jesus Christ.


Prayer for Saving a Failing Marriage

Spiritual Warfare Prayer For Marriage

Dear Jesus Christ,

I kneel before you today to humbly request protection for myself and my spouse against the strongholds of this world, especially in regard to our marriage. I ask that you would help strengthen our relationship through your Holy Spirit. Please surround us with your light, love and truth. Please bind those things which would separate or weaken us as a couple.

Bind us tightly together and protect us from all harm. Hold us closely by your side.


Prayer For Friends Troubled Marriage

Oh Holy Father, I ask for a miracle on the marriage of my friend _____.

They have been together in marriage which is a blessing from You. However, _____ has not been able to accept that their marriage was through Your will and it’s causing them much stress. Please send peace upon ____. Help them remember that You are with them in all forms of life. Please strengthen their marriage, so they may always be a solid example of love to _____.

In Jesus’s name, I pray.


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Prayer For Couples Struggling

Jesus Christ my Lord, I submit myself to you. Holy Spirit I ask for your guidance in this prayer.

Please Lord, help my relationship and lead us back towards better days. I want to live my life in happiness and in love honoring Your good name.

I know that no couple is perfect but with Your help, we can come together as one under You our Lord and savior. So that we may become better as individuals and as a couple.

I ask for your forgiveness in all my sins and I pray that You will help us rise up from this deep pit. For it is only by Your grace that we are saved.


Prayer For A Deeply Troubled Marriage

Short Prayer For A Troubled Marriage

Gracious God, we pray for this couple who is troubled in their marriage. We ask that you would give them wisdom and insight to mend the hurts and build a strong foundation together.

This couple could express themselves to one another, and let go of any anger or resentment they may have towards each other. May they communicate their thoughts and feelings with one another, and apologize to each other for any harm they may have caused and be closer together in Your praise.


Bible On Deeply Troubled Marriage

Desperate Prayer For A Troubled Marriage

Dear Lord God,

Please help. I pray that you come to my aid and rescue me from the despair in my marriage. Our relationship has strained and we need something to bring us back together.

Bring us back together to be closer each day. Heal our past hurt and let us support each other. Save our marriage and nothing but death should part us. Let our family grow and guide us through life together.

Bless us, Lord, for giving us the insight to follow in your footsteps and walk with you throughout their lives. Teach us of your love and forgiveness; show us how we can be more like you every day. Give us the strength and wisdom to save our troubled marriage.

We both know that this marriage is from You. So please help with our problems and heal us from the hurt we have caused each other. We pray in Jesus’s name,


Prayer For Peace In A Troubled Marriage

If you think your marriage is on the ropes, you could share a prayer for a failing marriage to help bring both of you as close as you were when you first got married.

Gracious God, we ask that you give us the wisdom to see the things in our marriage that need to be worked on and the strength to do something about them.

May we always speak truthfully with one another, not allowing bitterness and resentment to take root. And when it has been necessary for one of us to walk away from a conversation or argument, may we be quick to return, quickly forgiving one another and letting go of any hurt or offense that may have been given.

Bring peace and love to our marriage as we have a love for You, God.


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If you are in a deeply troubled marriage, these prayers may provide some comfort and guidance. Invite the lord into your situation and allow Him to work in your hearts. He desires nothing more than for us to come to Him with all of our troubles, big and small. Thank you for reading this post on prayers for a troubled marriage. We hope that it has been helpful to you.

Bible Verses for Deeply Troubled Marriage

If your marriage is under strain from an external source, you could offer God a prayer for marriage under attack to ask Him to bring you both back closer than before.

Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins – Peter 4:8

This verse offers good advice for any relationship, but it is especially relevant for marriages that are going through a tough time. The Bible tells us that marriage is a sacred covenant between two people and that it should be respected and protected.

When a marriage is in trouble, it can be tempting to point fingers and blame the other person. But that is not what God wants us to do. He wants us to show deep love for each other. Yes, that can be easier said than done but striving to do this helps us live by the words of God.

Only by pride cometh contention: but with the well-advised is wisdom – Proverbs 13:10

In this verse, the Bible tells us that pride is the cause of contention. This is often true in marriages, as well.

When spouses are proud, they are more likely to argue and have difficulty resolving their differences. The Bible also tells us that wisdom is needed to avoid such problems. In troubled marriages, it is often difficult for couples to find common ground.

God can help to save a marriage from falling apart. He can give couples the wisdom they need to resolve their differences and grow closer together. With God’s help, marriages can be healed and made whole again. He can bring them even closer than before.

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