6 Prayers for Failing Marriage

Prayers for Failing Marriage

For a couple to be married before the Lord is a promise made not only with each other but with the Lord. But, marriage entails more than just speaking your vows before God. Marriage demands taking responsibility, full trust, sincerity, and most of all genuine love. A failing marriage can be a result of unresolved … Read more

6 Holy Prayers for Surgery to Go Well 

Prayers for Surgery to Go Well

Christians offer a prayer for surgery to go well ask the Lord to watch over themselves or a loved one as they undergo surgery. Undergoing a major surgery not only demands physical strength but also requires emotional, mental, and spiritual stability. For many, preparing for surgery may be stressful and may cause fears, doubts, or … Read more

6 Powerful Prayers For My Son In Trouble

Prayers For My Son In Trouble

These powerful prayers for my son in trouble ask the Lord God to look over him in times of trouble and strife. There is no greater struggle for a parent than the one watching their child in trouble. All parents want to do is protect and comfort their children all the days of their lives. … Read more

8 Divine Prayers For A Good Outcome In Court

Prayers For A Good Outcome In Court

These 8 prayers for a good outcome in court ask the Lord to protect you during a court case. Whether we are availing ourselves of our country’s justice system or have found ourselves on the other end of it, the Lord God comes to our aid when we ask. Let us pray. Prayers 🙏 Watch … Read more

7 Divine Prayers To Win Big Money

Prayers To Win Big Money

These powerful prayers to win big money ask the Lord God to help you out of financial hardship. When you have fallen upon hard times, there is nothing else to do than give your hopes and needs up to the Lord. He is the one you must humble yourself before and repeatedly ask to bless … Read more

6 Heartfelt Goodnight Prayers for Couples

For those who are married, the best way to end each day is to pray as a couple. Taking the time together to thank God’s grace for the day and to seek His blessing for the night and the next day helps strengthen your bond as husband and wife. Here are 6 goodnight prayers for … Read more

6 Powerful Financial Prayers that Really Work

Powerful Financial Prayers that Really Work

No one is exempted from the burden of financial crises and having to work hard to sustain the daily needs of the family. Even those who are deeply devoted to the Lord may stumble upon financial hardships that test our faith in God and shake the foundation of family and relationships, among many others. The … Read more

7 Powerful Prayers to St Joseph for a Job

Prayers to St Joseph for a Job

These powerful prayers to St Joseph for a job ask for help and guidance bringing you towards the next chapter in your life. Saint Joseph is the patron saint of workers and many Christians pray to him for help finding employment. If you are looking for work, here are some prayers to Saint Joseph that … Read more

6 Prayers to Saint Anthony for a Miracle

Prayer to Saint Anthony for a Miracle

Anthony of Padua, known to us as St. Anthony, is one of the church’s most beloved patron saints, and with good reason. Anthony of Padua was kind and forgiving, he was a doctor, and his compassion knew no bounds. That is also why is he referred to as the patron of the poor and the … Read more

6 Divine Prayers To Make Someone Go Away

Prayers To Make Someone Go Away

These divine prayers to make someone go away asks the Lord God to remove negative people from your life or the life of those you love. Have you had someone attach themselves to you that you maybe would like to go away and not come back? Though you may feel unchristian admitting this, everyone has … Read more

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